Packaged Bank Account Claims

Can you make a PBA claim?


If you were mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account we can help you

Millions of people, just like you, have been mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts, leaving them paying for benefits they either didn’t want or need, including
Travel insurance
Breakdown cover
Mobile phone cover

No win, no fee Packaged Bank Account claims

Packaged Bank Accounts, also known as 'paid-for' or ‘'privilege' accounts, charge a monthly or annual fee and are generally sold as an 'upgrade' account.

Their main feature is that, along with normal banking, they come with a bundle of benefits, such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover.

On the face of it they appear to be a good product, but for many people these 'benefits' prove unnecessary and poor value for money. In some cases, holders of these accounts may not even be eligible for the insurance cover due to age or existing medical conditions.

If you have one of these accounts, whether it was a mis-sold bank account to you or an automatic upgrade to which you were not given a choice, our expert team will assess your circumstances to see whether you can make a PBA claim.
No win, no fee Packaged Bank Account claims
Don’t forget
Right now, there are no limits or deadlines set for this type of claim. However, if your account was closed more than six years ago, it could be more difficult because your bank many no longer hold any records of your account.


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How much packaged bank account compensation can I get?

If you have paid or are paying a monthly or annual fee for your bank account, you may be able to reclaim those fees. Whether you were told it was the only type of account available to you, charged for features you never wanted, or unaware of restrictions in the insurance cover, we can help you

How To Make A Mis-Sold Bank Account Claim

All we need is the name of the bank your account was (or is) held with and, if available, your account number.

If your PBA claim is successful you could be entitled to a refund of all the monthly or annual fees you have paid for your account, plus interest at the rate recommended by the Financial Services Ombudsman. It could amount to hundreds or thousands of pounds.
How much compensation can I get


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