Discover how the expert Employment Team at Optimal Solicitors secured justice for an unfairly dismissed employee during a TUPE transfer, resulting in an impressive tribunal award exceeding £10,000. We take you through the case of our client, who faced a challenging situation after a change in ownership, and explain how our dedicated legal support made all the difference.


Our client worked as an employee in a beauty salon, part time as a hairdresser from the January 2017.

Our client was on sick leave from the 28th August due to a car accident.

The former owner of the beauty salon informed our client of the intention to sell the premises to a new owner, and informed our client that the contracts, wages, and hours would be transferred to the new company.

Our client who was still absent due to the severity of the car accident was told by text that the owner of the new company no longer required her services.

Our client was not invited to a meeting to her termination or was she given the right to appeal the decision.

What Optimal Solicitors did

The client contacted our Employment Law team: and provided the relevant instructions.

We wrote to the company to see whether they were open to settling the matter amicably, we received no response, so we then engaged the services of ACAS.

ACAS tried to conciliate on the matter to no avail.

We submitted our clients claim to the Tribunal, the company failed to provide a response within the deadline and our client succeeded in her claim without the need to attend tribunal.

The Outcome

In a world of shifting employment landscapes and legal complexities, having a reliable legal partner can be a game-changer. Our successful outcome in this case, resulting in a substantial award for our client, underscores the importance of seeking legal assistance when faced with unfair treatment in the workplace.

Our client was awarded over £300 as an award for breach of contract

Our client was awarded £10,454 as an award for unfair dismissal in tribunal award

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