Make corporate transactions easy

When you’re taking the lead on a corporate purchase, sale, or restructure, it’s important to know you’re doing it right. Our team of solicitors will advise on what you might do, and manage the entire process to help make sure that the terms are in your favour.


    Confidently move forward with a share or asset deal

    There’s too much riding on corporate transactions for anything to be left to chance. Whether you’re hoping to cut taxes, move assets, merge with another business, make an investment, or handle a smooth buyout, the legal work can seem overwhelming. Yet it’s always necessary.

    Our solicitors make sure that the transaction not only works for your organisation, but how you prefer to do business. We’ll spend the time getting to know your processes, potential, priorities, and where you’re aiming to be in the years to come. At the same time, we’ll move quickly without compromising our quality service.

    With us, you’ll have assurance that the legal work will hold up under scrutiny and swerve any delays.

    Corporate transaction services that keep you in control

    The transaction you hope to make might be incredibly complex. Or it could be simpler than you imagined. There’s no way of telling unless you have a team of dedicated solicitors to call on.

    Only certain corporate restructurings, for example, are bound to save tax or running costs in the long run. This may involve elements of employment law, in order to protect staff from unfair practices.

    Whether you’re spending or saving to earn more, you must analyse indemnities, warranties, covenants, and other details. That’s how a watertight commercial contract comes together.

    We’ll look at all of this quickly and painlessly. We’ve dealt with every side of corporate transactions.

    • Buying or selling shares
    • Buying or selling a business and/or its assets
    • Buying in or buying out shareholders
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Restructuring or demerging a business
    • Shareholder agreements and articles of association
    • Intellectual property and patent rights

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    You don’t want a service that keeps you in the dark. Important corporate decisions must be made with the utmost clarity, or they may put the future of your business at risk.

    With Optimal, you’ll get all the specialist, plain-speaking advice you could ever ask for. We bring you into the deal, as much as we take care of the legalities on your behalf, so that you can have confidence in the result.

    We cut through the financial complexity

    You’ll never get any jargon with us, so there will be zero confusion over what we’re going to accomplish. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll find the legal route to do it.

    We’re incredibly flexible

    Need us to liaise with other legal teams at home or abroad? Have a busy work schedule? We fit to your requirements, with flexible hours beyond 9-5 and several ways to keep in touch.

    We act like a business partner

    We develop a deep understanding of your needs in order to work in your best interests. You can expect us to prepare the deal on time, to a high standard, and in an effective manner.

    Are there any extra costs to a business sale?

    There are potential costs to bear in mind. Land taxes and Capital Gains Tax may have to be accounted for. During our initial consultation, you’ll get a broad overview of what those costs might be, relevant to your situation.

    What does ‘due diligence’ really mean?

    This is where all the facts relating to the transaction – from assets and liabilities to client lists and account data – are gathered and indexed. The goal is to remove any question in your or another party’s mind that you’re getting what you pay for.

    What is a ‘covenant’?

    You’re essentially getting or making a pledge for a specific kind of activity – for example, paying a certain amount in dividends to directors, or not starting a competing business after selling the old one. Covenants aren’t always legally binding, but they are useful in setting terms to a transaction.

    How do you best prepare mergers and acquisitions?

    Ownership, pension, and liability documents are reviewed, showing what one party stands to gain from the other. Compliance and regulation will also be checked to make sure you’re not inheriting an illegal business.

    Get your point across clearly to all in the deal

    We have plenty of experience dealing with corporate finance law, and the people you may be relying on for a major decision. From business partners to stakeholders, we can handle them all, explaining exactly what your best options are and how it’ll affect them.

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