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Custody is a divisive and emotional topic for any parent, especially when a relationship has broken down beyond repair. Our experienced child custody lawyers will reduce the legal burden and make sure that your child’s needs are put first.


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    It’s natural that both you and your ex-partner want to be with your child as much as possible. If you can’t come to an agreement, tensions are bound to run high. Things get even more difficult when one parent has to pay child maintenance, which means it’s best to seek advice from a reputable family law team.

    As specialists in child custody law, we’ll work with you to get the best possible outcome for your child. We understand how emotional this process can be, and will support you at every stage to prevent unnecessary escalation.

    By turning to Optimal Solicitors early, many of our clients have their cases settled outside of court. But if the issue does go to family court, we’ll help you deal with all the complexities involved.

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    Ultimately, you want to put your child’s best interests first, and reach a favourable outcome for your situation. If you’re thinking about getting the support of a child custody lawyer, now is the time to start the conversation.

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    The end of a marriage or divorce can be an ordeal in itself, and the emotions involved often cause issues during child custody cases – making them far from straightforward.

    On top of this, there are a number of types of child arrangement orders to consider. We have years of experience and expertise in every single one.

    • ‘Live with’ order
    • ‘Spend time with’ order
    • Parental responsibility order
    • Prohibited steps order
    • Emergency order
    • Rights for grandparents

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    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    We understand that reaching a mutual agreement with your ex-partner is tough. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself. We can represent you, which will help to reduce the stress and emotional impact of the situation while allowing you to move forward.

    Our team will make sure that your thoughts, feelings, and requirements are considered throughout the entire process. We can even arrange for you to speak with a translator or interpreter if needed, and we have a network of specialists to help with anything else (such as therapeutic treatment).

    We’ll save you money

    Dealing with a child custody case is challenging enough without the stress of high legal fees to pay too. That’s why we help to reduce costs from the outset.

    We're experts in child custody cases

    Our team has extensive experience, and has worked on a real variety of cases. So, we can support you, even if you have needs outside of this area. We have expertise across the entire field of family law, including child arrangements.

    We tailor our legal advice to you

    Our service truly is catered to you. We’re happy to travel to your home or, if you’d prefer, we can talk through your case via phone, video call, or email. Your convenience is our number one priority.

    What does a child custody lawyer do?

    They will advocate for you in any disagreements, and represent you if your case goes to court. A child custody lawyer also deals with all the associated paperwork and guides you through it, and negotiates child support rates if necessary.

    Do I need a child custody lawyer?

    Representing yourself is an option, however we always advise that you get help from a specialist in custody arrangements. This is strongly recommended if your ex-partner has hired one, or if there are any complications (if you live far away from your former partner, for instance).

    Will I need to go to court?

    Ideally, child custody cases never end up in the courtroom. However, many struggle to communicate with their ex-partner. In this instance, mediation can be a way to create a civil, working relationship. However, if both parties can’t come to an agreement, then the courts will decide.

    Does either parent have precedence for custody?

    No. While it’s believed that custody is always in favour of the woman, this is a traditional model that isn’t reflective of today’s modern family. It’s now preferable to have joint custody that gives both parents a say in their child’s upbringing. It may be that one parent gets residency, and the other parent will generally have regular access. This is provided that there are no safeguarding concerns.

    What determines primary custody?

    This ultimately depends on what’s best for the child. A variety of factors will be taken into account; these are known as the ‘welfare checklist’:

    • The wishes and feelings of the child (this is considered in light of age and understanding)
    • The child’s physical, emotional, and educational requirements
    • How any changes would impact the child
    • The child’s background – including their age, sex, characteristics, and circumstances
    • Any harm the child has suffered or is at risk of
    • The ability of each parent to look after the child, plus that of any other person in relation to meeting the child’s needs
    • The range of powers available to the court

    How much does it cost for a child custody lawyer?

    This depends on the solicitor. Here at Optimal Solicitors, we aim to make legal advice as accessible and affordable as possible. Get in touch to see our current fees.

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