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Optimal Solicitors are no win no fee solicitors that specialize in many different areas of law including personal injury claims, car accident claims, PPI claims, accident at work claims, serious injury compensation, family law, divorce, wills & probate, PBA claims and many more areas

Family Law

We provide professional and confidential divorce and family law advice. If you are thinking of divorcing, have maintenance or child contact problems or others please call us today.

Commercial Law

Optimal Solicitors can provide you with all the business advice and legal services that you need. Whether it is drafting a business agreement, dealing with business premises, a partnership dispute, or you are owed money by customers, we can help you.
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Our name reflects our ability to achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve no matter what your situation. Our specially trained no win no fee solicitors have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of cases and you are therefore in the best hands possible when dealing with your case.

Solicitors for the modern age

Optimal Solicitors is a modern, forward thinking and progressive law firm. Excellent customer service and good sound legal advice are at the core of what we do. It's not every day that you instruct a solicitor, but if you do you need to know our team are there for you.
We pride ourselves on top notch customer service which can be seen by our Trust Pilot reviews below.


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Law can be quite complicated

Find out more about common legal issues from our expert Solicitors.

woman leaving job on redundancy

Is appeal necessary on redundancy

Once you have gone through a redundancy procedure, do you need to offer an appeal process after the redundancy dismissal’s have been made?


unfair dismissal last straw doctrine

Constructive dismissal and the last straw doctrine

Today we will be looking at the case of the Williams v Alderman Davies Church case study and relevant terms of constructive dismissal as well as last straw doctrine.

Stamp duty holiday guide

Stamp Duty Holiday – A Complete Guide

In July 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a ‘stamp duty holiday’ to help both first time and seasoned homebuyers during the coronavirus crisis.
employee unfair dismissal

How our Employment Team helped to secure over £10,000 in a tribunal award?

How our Employment Team helped to secure over £10,000 in a tribunal award for an employee who was unfairly dismissed during a TUPE.
Buying a house steps

Step by step guide to buying a house

Are you thinking about buying a house but don’t know where to start?  Confused by the process, or what the costs might be?  Not sure if you will need a solicitor or legal advice? 
flexible furlough

Flexible Furlough

Employers are now able to bring staff who have been furloughed back to work on a part-time basis, staff can be brought back to work for any amount of time, and on any work pattern, this includes shift work.

COVID-19: Consumer Contracts

Can a consumer contract provide for immediate payment of a service, which will only be available after the COVID-19 emergency is over?

Commercial Contract Clauses: Interest Rates on Late Payments

When you enter into a contract with a supplier (B2B), you must always make sure to specify the interest rate that you will pay on late payments.


Insolvency: Payments after the presentation of a Winding-Up Petition

When a winding-up petition is presented, suppliers and business owners must seek immediate legal advice, as a lot will change in

domestic violence

Importance of mental health in relation to domestic violence during the pandemic

With the current Coronavirus lockdowns in place across the world, domestic abuse has increased drastically in all countries. Because of that mental health

Coronavirus - advice for employers

Taking into account the current Government advice and advice from ACAS we have put together guidance for


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