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Whether you’re enduring psychological, physical, or sexual violence, there are lawful protections in place so you can make it stop and return to a normal life. We’ll lead you there.


    Clear support to deal with abusive partners and family members

    We understand that facing mental or physical trauma – especially from a loved one – is incredibly difficult. That’s why we make sure the legal solution is fast, reliable, and sensitive to what’s occurred between you and the abuser.

    Whether you’re seeking to gain a court order, guard your right to the family home, remove an abuser from the home, or protect your children as well as yourself, our legal team will find a way forward. We’re able to handle divorce proceedings and child arrangements as you gain the necessary security or financial compensation.

    By taking as much stress off your hands as we can, Optimal give you the outcome you’ve been searching for.

    Act fast to prevent further harm

    Threatening behaviour and violence must stop immediately. First, call the police if you haven’t already. Then reach out to us. We can act quickly without the abuser’s knowledge, gathering evidence and passing an emergency protections order through court in just a few days.

    Experts in domestic abuse cases

    Abuse cases are rarely straightforward. But we’re able to consult on any form of harassment, violence, intimidation, or psychological manipulation. It doesn’t matter whether the abuser is someone you’re currently living with or if they’re an ex-partner, friend, or distant relative. There are laws in place that relate to these specific circumstances.

    You could be entitled to legal aid, paying for the cost of your case, or a court order to prevent the accused from coming near you. You also don’t have to deal with the abuser personally. We’ve spent years navigating the threats, emotions, and legal realities of domestic abuse. This means we’re prepared for anything, and can represent you at all stages.

    We’ve resolved cases related to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as financial harm.

    • Physical assault that leaves evidence, which is factored into your case.
    • Emotional abuse over a sustained period, including coercion, blackmail, humiliation, control, and gaslighting.
    • Sexual abuse such as rape, incest, and molestation.
    • Financial harm that limits your freedoms and opportunities – for example, using a shared credit card without your knowledge.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Any abuse – psychological, physical, or sexual – has tested your resilience for long enough. Let us take over, offer our support, and put the legal promises in place to prevent it from ever happening again.

    We pride ourselves on this extremely personal approach. We aren’t just a legal team – we’ll always make the time to help you in whatever way we can, directing you to further counselling and recovery services if necessary.

    We make claims simpler

    As specialists in family law as well as cohabitation and civil partnerships, we can match the right legal support to your circumstances. But we make the process simpler too. No jargon or false promises.

    We'll save you money

    No one should have to worry about their financial ability to leave an abuser. We'll do everything we can to gain compensation for your suffering.

    We act fast and flexibly

    Optimal are fully aware that you may need legal help this instant to prevent further harm to you or any dependants. Therefore, we’re committed to quick action. We can file an emergency injunction on the same day you request it, without the abuser being involved.

    Should I get a lawyer for domestic violence?

    For your safety and wellbeing, it’s important to know exactly what you’re entitled to under UK law before proceeding with a case. It could affect your livelihood, finances, and peace of mind for years to come. A professional legal team can work accurately with maximum discretion.

    What court orders can I obtain?

    There are several specific orders to consider. A non-molestation order, for example, means an abuser can’t threaten or hurt you or your children without breaking the law. An occupation order, on the other hand, blocks or evicts the abuser from your property.

    How do courts assess a case?

    The abuser’s previous behaviour will be called into question as the case develops. Bruises, scarring, and other injuries provide more evidence, but so do texts, emails, letters, audio and video footage, or testimony from people close to either of you.

    What are the rules surrounding domestic abuse compensation?

    UK law is quite strict on whether you can claim or not. Often, these claims are made when you’ve set protections down. The abuser must have been reported to the police and prosecuted. They also can’t live with you and are unlikely to again, and cannot have injured you within two years of the claim being made.

    How is the abuser notified?

    They’ll be served an official warning letter. This states the charges you’re bringing against them and, if they continue to act in the same way, what consequences will follow. A letter is often enough to put a stop to their behaviour before things are brought to court.

    Make a vital choice with Optimal Solicitors

    We’re here for any victims of domestic abuse. Speak to us, and fight against the fear you’ve experienced for far too long.

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