Whilst Christmas is famously described as “the most wonderful time of the year” it can often present challenges for families, more commonly among families with separated parents. Whilst the unfortunate breakdown of a marriage can lead to trying relationships among parents, there will be no doubt a mutual wish to make Christmas and other holiday arrangements as positive as possible for the children.

It cannot be denied that routine over the Christmas period is essential for families, so the children have structure and can enjoy every minute of Christmas without any element of unknown or uncertainty.

What you can do

Here are Optimal’s top tips for making the transition from one household to two over the Christmas period:

  • Where possible, the communication between parents should be limited to that about children, and conversations should be kept out of little ears!
  • Be prepared. If you can, make arrangements well in time for Christmas to avoid any last minute confusion or bad feeling to dampen the festive spirit!
  • Be open-minded. In trying to make Christmas arrangements, keep the child’s best interests in the forefront of your mind and consider what is best for them, and what would make them happy?

What we do

Optimal Solicitors are here for those trying to make arrangements for their children and wish come to an agreement to suit all of the family. In some cases, families need some extra support in reaching such an agreement, or if you’re not in a position to discuss these matters with the child’s parent, or cannot come to a workable agreement, we can assist you throughout the Court process with our tailored legal services.