Sign a commercial contract
with a long-term vision

We all want to make the most of our professional relationships. So whether you’re just starting out in business or have been established for many years, come to us for agreements that are built to drive your long-term success.


    Fast, straightforward contract law services

    Legal agreements offer clarity, security, and recognition. Your solicitors should be no different – they need to take a close view of your business if they are to draft a contract you can really depend on. Along with our specialist commercial advice, we make sure every line, clause, and commitment in your agreements protects your interests at all costs.

    Trust us to prepare a contract on your behalf. We’ll liaise with other parties if necessary, and explain everything in simple terms before you sign. It means you can focus on doing what you love – not the complex legal work.

    A lot of this rests on good communication and the ability to not just work flexibly around you, but the business’ plans for the future. From shareholder and privacy agreements to supply, rental, or corporate transaction deals, come to us for any type of commercial contract and we’ll get the results you seek.

    Unsure where to start?

    Our legal team can suggest which agreements are worth considering, and the laws you may use to set the best terms. We’re also able to analyse any potential breach of contract with your partners or customers. There’s nothing we can’t handle.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Hiring a solicitor who can do it all saves time and misunderstanding later down the line. For over 12 years, we’ve acquired a huge array of commercial legal skills. Our work in everything from property and overseas trade to investments, share agreements, and supply chain management means that we’re prepared for it all.

    You may be setting up a company for the first time, balancing stakeholder interests, or dealing with employment disputes. No matter your need, we’ll draft comprehensive contracts that minimise risk, maximise value, and work to achieve your goals.

    We free up your time

    Running a business is your main concern, so leave the legal responsibilities to us. We’ll tell you how the contract is developing, stage by stage, until we’re ready for your signature or approval.

    We talk on a personal level

    Hiring a solicitor who speaks like a person – not a machine – is crucial to a quick contract agreement. By removing the legal jargon, you and any other parties are left in no doubt about your obligations.

    We’re always tailored to you

    Barely have a free hour in the workday? That’s fine – we don’t stick to the strict 9-5. We're here for you whenever you need us. We can meet at a place of your choosing, or speak via phone, email, or video call.

    Do I need a solicitor to form a commercial contract?

    It’s not absolutely essential, but if you take the task on yourself you risk mistakes, or an unfavourable term may be agreed to. You might be taking over a business, for example – a share or asset purchase has its own unique challenges. Or you may be setting terms of service in place – there could be loopholes, or your legal commitments may be unclear. A corporate solicitor will be experienced in a range of agreements and won’t skip the details.

    What happens if the contract is broken?

    Whoever breaks the contract will likely be taken to court. Commercial disputes don’t happen often when the terms are clear and suitable from the start, but we can prepare you for a court case if necessary. We’ll gather evidence about when, how, and why the breach occurred, and witnesses (like an accountant) may be called to the stand.

    Do I have to prepare an employment contract for new hires?

    It is not advisable to let someone work for you in any capacity without something formal in writing. Instead, it’s important to get the terms of your arrangement in black and white so as to make sure that your relationship is clearly regulated. Otherwise, your new hire may contest working conditions, hours, health and safety standards, or their job responsibilities, and perhaps take legal action.

    Leave your contract in the very best hands

    We’ve prepared countless contracts in our time. We also have experience in a number of aspects of UK law (including injury, property, employment, and corporate law), which enables us to view your agreement from multiple perspectives.

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