We recently represented a client (Peter*), who was involved in a low-speed road traffic accident in 2018. After four years, he finally received his settlement. But it wasn’t an easy journey to get there.

Thankfully, he had Optimal Solicitors to support him along the way…


The accident

Peter was riding his motorbike, with the intention of travelling straight across at a mini roundabout. A vehicle, driven by the defendant, pulled out from his left, resulting in Peter colliding into it.

Although it was a low-speed collision, Peter was left with a number of severe injuries. These included a head injury which triggered tinnitus; elbow and thumb fractures; and soft tissue injury to his shoulder and ribs. On top of this, he lost earnings, and needed care from his partner and friends.


The case

On the surface, it appears to be a clear-cut case. Peter was in the correct lane of travel, driving at a safe speed, and wearing appropriate clothing so he could be seen by drivers. However, he was not seen by the defendant, causing the collision.

Rule 170 of the Highway Code states that motorists must always take extra care to look for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, because they’re not always easy to see. It was apparent that the defendant failed to act in accordance with this, and also with Rule 185 which is to give way to traffic on your right.

Unfortunately there was no CCTV or independent witnesses, so the defendant denied liability and claimed that Peter drove into their vehicle. It was word against word, making this a challenging case to fight and prompting Peter to speak with Optimal Solicitors.

Road Traffic Accident Case
One of many examples of Road Traffic Accident Case

The support

After investigating how the accident happened and considering all the facts, we had full faith in Peter’s version of events, and began proceedings so the case could be determined by a judge. This lasted four years, and the defendant ultimately opted to settle in excess of £150,000.

Our team drew on its experience and professional knowledge to give our client the best chance of winning. As part of our way of working, we kept Peter updated on the actions being taken and the progress of the case. We also provided emotional support, as we understand the mental toll an accident like this can take, due to the physical aspects and the stress of the situation.


The feedback

Peter was very grateful for our support. Some of his words of praise were:

“I sincerely believe that if I’d gone to another law office, my mental condition and the final conclusion of the case would only have negative consequences. I can’t find words that would express my gratitude to Ms Usha Nayee and Ms Natalia Witkowska, who, thanks to their hard work, commitment, experience and professional legal knowledge, made justice win. They enabled me to receive funds for treatment, so I could return to normal life before the accident.

Only thanks to them will I be able to continue my life as an able-bodied person and regain my lost faith and self-confidence. Today, after years of non-existence, I can begin to look to the future, which has finally been given to me. It’s worth more than words and money. And the Optimal Solicitors office is more than a law office; they are people with soul helping the victims.”


Been involved in an accident?

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*Client’s name has been changed to protect their anonymity