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You should never suffer for an injury at work that wasn’t your fault. Whether it’s the result of negligence, an accident or malicious intent, we fight for the pay-out you deserve.


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    It’s tricky enough to pay the bills and look after your loved ones without facing the stress and pain of a workplace accident. The incident may have left you unable to work for a while, or forced you to quit entirely – both of which have enormous mental and physical repercussions. Optimal Solicitors factor all of this into your claim, letting you focus on recovery while we focus on rapid compensation.

    Over the years, we’ve dealt with countless cases, including those for serious injury. We’ll look at the facts and prepare a robust case for court, built around key evidence within UK employment law. Nothing’s beyond our expertise, and we can quickly uncover who was at fault.

    Whatever the nature, risk, and responsibility of your job, we make sure you get what you’re due, fast. We can even arrange interim payments if necessary.

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    Our legal experts are committed to getting you the compensation you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. We do our best to make sure that nothing holds you up – whether that’s gathering evidence and testimony, or time spent in court. Speak to us today.

    Injured at work? We're the specialists to turn to

    If you feel like an employer or colleague has failed to meet their responsibilities for your safety, there are a number of ways to approach your case. How much you receive – and whether you’re eligible for it – can depend on the type of work you do, where you carry it out, and the amount of preventable risks.

    Much of our legal work involves seeing where health and safety regulations were breached. But we also go further. You may have had insufficient training, or been given the wrong advice. Equipment may be faulty. Or perhaps the environment was exposed to harm without your knowledge. You may even have been a visitor who lacked the proper protection.

    We’ve dealt with a wide range of sector-specific accidents, from farming accidents to those in an office.

    • Agricultural or farming accidents, which are prone to many risk factors including vehicles, animals, and unsafe terrain.
    • Industrial roles that may have caused a cut, slip, trip, deafness, or debilitating vibration injury, as well as chemical poisoning or asbestosis.
    • Construction jobs and height-based manual work. We can assess whether tools, gas, electrics, protective gear, and heavy-duty vehicles met safety criteria.
    • Accidents in an office or on corporate grounds. This includes if you’ve been harmed while meeting a client or contact in their workplace too.
    • Factory and warehouse roles that expose you to dangerous machinery, as well as common threats like spillages, bad ventilation, and blocked walkways.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    How to claim for an accident at work

    Don’t be intimidated by the accident at work claim process. Optimal Solicitors have a total, thorough understanding of what makes for a strong case. You can trust us to gather, prove and present the best evidence, related specifically to your injury or financial losses.

    Here’s how you’ll tackle an accident at work claim:

    Speak to us

    You may have filed a report in a company accident book, or been taken to hospital with a colleague for support. Our accident at work claims solicitors will speak to the people who saw what happened, and cross-reference your statement if you made one. If you spoke to a GP following the event, we can also take their testimony.

    Book a medical assessment

    Our in-house medical reporting team is here to make sure you have the evidence to back up your accident at work claim. We’ll arrange an appointment for your assessment at a time that’s convenient for you.

    Calculate your compensation

    Once we’ve received your medical report, along with any other supporting evidence, we can calculate how much compensation you’re due. We’ll add a lack of contractual sick pay if you’ve only received Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) during recovery.

    Submit a greivance

    Regardless of the claim, filing an official grievance means you want an employer to admit they were wrong and learn from their mistake. We can help you submit a well-written grievance that’s designed to keep you in employment. If the employer fires you afterwards, that will provide grounds for an unfair dismissal claim.

    Notify your employer or their insurer

    We’ll ask you to write an official accident description. Then, we’ll contact the employer and their insurer on your behalf to negotiate a fee that everyone can agree on. The majority of accident at work claims can be successfully settled at this stage. Only a small percentage end up in court.

    Launch your accident at work claim

    We're ready to fight for what you need. Contact us and take the first step to compensation.

    Types of accident at work claims

    It’s likely you haven’t been able to work for a while. Whether that’s due to physical pain or mental trauma, the result is the same: you have suffered reduced earnings. Maybe you’ve been taken off the company payroll altogether. We aim to get reparations for these funds.

    Countless trips to hospital can soon add up. That’s also true of private taxi hire if you have limited mobility and can’t drive. Whether you’ve paid for petrol, bus tickets, train journeys, or a cab fare, our law firm can seek compensation for travel. Mileage expenses are 40p per mile.

    You may need or have paid for specialist medical attention beyond any free healthcare service. There must be a good reason to go private, but if you have it, we can build a case around medical expenses. This will also cover the cost of a live-in carer to treat your serious injury too.

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Work injuries can throw up many challenges you never saw coming. We understand this. After almost 20 years serving claimants, partners, and their families, we can advise on any accident claim, for any sector.

    Accident at work solicitors should approach your case sensitively. We take pride in our ability to bring employers, insurers, and you yourself into an appropriate settlement, updating everyone on the next stage of the claim as soon as we reach it. For us, empathy and legality are just as important as each other.

    We’ll save you money

    To make sure our legal advice stays accessible, we absorb the risk of the case ourselves. We believe any worker deserves support, regardless of their income.

    We make claiming straightforward

    Even if there’s a lot to prove and account for, we’ll walk you through the entire process. We never overwhelm our clients with jargon, legal speak, or false promises – we simply explain how workplace injury laws can help.

    We adapt to your individual situation

    If your injury or a busy schedule keeps you at home or on the move, we’ll speak by phone or email. Combined with flexible opening hours beyond the 9 to 5, we allow your case to flow smoothly all the way to payout.

    Do I actually need a work claim solicitor?

    Accident at work claims are difficult to prove unless you know where, why, and how health and safety responsibilities fell short. Assessing the damage is just the beginning. Without a law firm on your side, you’ll need to gather and communicate evidence with everyone involved yourself – and this can easily add to what may already be a stressful time.

    How long do accident work claims take?

    It depends whether the injury or trauma is easy to pinpoint. Clear, simple cases can be resolved in just six to nine months. Workplace accidents that were more complicated – either because of the damage caused or the witnesses and evidence to support the case – may take a year or two to wrap up. We can give you a rough estimate very early on based on the information available.

    How long after an accident at work can I claim?

    Three years. That’s the typical length of time in which you can claim compensation after the accident took place or when you first became aware of the injury. However, there are exceptions. If your child was injured, you can claim until they reach 18 years of age. A fatal accident also extends the three-year time limit from the date of death.

    Why might I be entitled to more than Statutory Sick Pay?

    Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) can be granted for up to 28 weeks while you recover. It’s the minimum your employer should pay. In some cases, though, your contract will stipulate that more sick pay is due – this is what’s known as an ‘occupational scheme’. If your employer is holding back these funds, for whatever reason, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

    What if I'm self-employed?

    This depends on the circumstance. Were you subcontracting for someone else? Injured during a meeting? Harmed by an unsafe office or industrial environment? Questions like these can help you make a claim even though you’re self-employed. With our team for guidance, you’ll find and prove grounds for compensation.

    Should I keep a diary of my symptoms?

    A personal log may help, especially as some injuries can take a while to develop. Doctors and nurses don’t always retain an extensive, up-to-date medical record either. The more evidence you can bring to your case, the faster we can get to work. There will be far fewer hold-ups and the claim will be as accurate as possible.

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