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Businesses and public bodies should never put you at risk. If you’ve been injured in a public place, we’ll do what it takes to get the compensation you’re entitled to.


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    Slippery surfaces and falling objects. Holes in roads and pavements. Accidents in public areas may be wide-ranging, but they all have one thing in common: they involve a failure of someone’s legal duty. Optimal Solicitors can help you secure compensation for any harm you may have experienced.

    We understand that claiming for compensation seems daunting. When you add this to the impact of the accident itself, such as a loss of income and lengthy recovery process, it’s easy to be put off from taking a case further. But our personal injury solicitors are here to support you every step of the way.

    We’ll remove all the hassle from the claims process and see that you’re fully compensated. Our team will unravel the legal complexities, gather all the evidence, and determine liability. Whatever the nature of your situation, we’re confident we can help you.

    We’re the ones to turn to for public liability injury claims

    From pavement accident claims to those related to slips, trips, or falls in shopping centres, we know exactly how to prove a breach in duty of care. Whether the accident happened at a business’ premises, or in a place owned by local authorities, we’ll recognise what they should have done to prevent it.

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    Our years of experience in accident in public area claims means that you can count on us to support your case. We’ll be with you at every stage, fighting for what you’re entitled to and helping you begin to rebuild your life.

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    How to claim for an accident in public

    We understand that your life has probably changed drastically since your accident. So let us do all the hard work to achieve the maximum compensation. We’ve made the process as convenient and stress-free as possible. With our support, you can finally begin to move forward.

    Here’s what you can expect:

    Get in touch

    In most cases, there’s a time limit for the claim period. So start the public liability injury claims process as soon as possible – even if you’re unsure who was responsible. Plus, the sooner you claim, the sooner you can receive your deserved compensation.

    Gather all evidence

    Give every piece of information to our personal injury solicitors – for example photos of the scene or of your injuries, results of medical examinations, or details of any witnesses. This will help build the case and make it easier to pinpoint responsibility.

    Determine liability

    After we’ve gathered the necessary information, we’ll be able to single out the party or parties that are accountable for your accident. From here, we can then take action against them.

    Calculate your compensation

    Here’s where we figure out the amount of compensation you should get. We’ll work with a network of specialists, so you can maximise the value of your public injury claim.

    Settle your case

    The most ideal outcome is always to settle your case, rather than take it to the courtroom. However, we are willing to do so if the liable party does not agree to the claim amount or that they were responsible for the accident in the first place.

    Start your personal injury claim today

    Your time for justice is now. Begin the claims process by speaking to the team at Optimal Solicitors.

    Types of public place claims

    Carelessness and negligence will not go unnoticed – and neither will your pain, suffering, and loss of amenity. We’ll make sure you’re effectively compensated for the impact that an accident in a public area has had on your life.

    If you’ve been unable to work as a result of your accident, then we’ll support you in claiming for both present and future loss of income. You may also be able to claim for additional income you would have otherwise received, like bonuses.

    We’ll do what it takes to help you claim for any ongoing private medical treatments and rehabilitation programmes you may need. This includes costs related to prescriptions and care.

    There may be other costs that you’ve faced due to your accident in public. From home adaptations to travel expenses, we’ll make sure those responsible are the ones to foot the bill.

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    We recognise the impact that an accident in a public area can have – all of a sudden, it might feel like your life is no longer in your own hands. We’ll help you take back control by working closely with you to secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

    While every individual’s situation is unique, we have over a decade of experience in these types of claims. Our multilingual team builds a strong relationship with every one of our clients in order to reach the best outcome, and we can provide advice in your native language too.

    We’ll save you money

    Your accident in public shouldn’t have happened – and you shouldn’t be forced to pay high legal fees to make a claim against it. So we absorb the risk. We make our legal advice accessible.

    We simplify the injury claims process

    We know that you never expected to have to deal with a situation like this. That’s why we help to minimise the sense of being overwhelmed and make the claims process easy. We’ll always keep you informed of our progress, and we’ll never use confusing legal terminology.

    We adapt to your unique situation

    Every accident is unique, and so are you – so we’ll work in a way that suits your needs. Whether you want us to come and visit you or would prefer to be contacted by phone or email, we’ll do what’s best for you. Plus, we have flexible opening hours too.

    Do I actually need an accident in a public area solicitor?

    There’s a lot of work involved in these types of claims. First, there’s proving liability – which requires knowing key details around health and safety responsibilities and why they weren’t followed. Then there’s gathering every single piece of evidence. This can be a big hassle, not to mention a risk – sometimes those responsible will avoid blame at all costs. We would always recommend partnering with a solicitor to help shoulder some of the burden.

    Can I claim even though I don’t know who’s responsible?

    You can definitely begin the claims process. By seeking help from a solicitor, they can collect eyewitness accounts – these are particularly important in cases where it’s unclear who is to blame. This will help to build an accurate picture of what happened and identify those accountable. Your case can then proceed.

    How much compensation can I get?

    Every accident in public claim is different. So the amount awarded will always be unique to your particular situation. It’ll rely on:

    • The severity and recovery time of the injury
    • Any future impact
    • If you’ve had to take time off work
    • Life adaptations
    • Medical expenses

    How long do accidents in public claims take?

    The length of time a claim can take depends on a variety of factors, including:

    • How serious your injury is
    • The evidence required
    • Who you’re claiming compensation from
    • Whether the party (or parties) accept liability or not

    What is the time limit for accidents in public claims?

    The standard time limit is three years following the accident. However, there are exceptions to this rule:

    • If you’re claiming on behalf of a child, then you can claim at any point before they turn 18. In the three years following this, they can make their own claim.
    • If someone doesn’t have the mental capacity to handle their own case, then there are no time restrictions.
    • If the accident was fatal, you can claim on a loved one’s behalf up to three years from the date they died – or the date a post-mortem found that the death was caused by the accident.

    Will my case have to go to court?

    This is unlikely. Only especially complex cases usually end up in the courtroom, and we always aim to settle outside of it. Reasons for going to court include an unresponsive defendant and denial of liability.

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