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    Fast-acting car accident compensation

    Whether you’re suffering mild, significant, or severe damage from another driver, you have to prove it for a dependable claim. More than that, the circumstance and factors surrounding the injury or damage must be accounted for. After all, the wrong evidence, testimony, or legal advice will only slow your case down.

    For over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of people get what they’re entitled to and move on with their lives. Our car accident injury claims solicitors will gather all the evidence and supporting information that’s needed to put you on the path to a settlement.

    From head, spine, neck, and limb injuries to psychological trauma or harm caused to your own vehicle, Optimal Solicitors’ expertise is second to none. If necessary, we’ll also arrange engineer reports and car hire, rehabilitation services, or a translator on your behalf.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Here to help with your road accident claim

    Here’s what you should do in order to prepare for a claim:

    1. Gather and keep a hold of as much car accident evidence as you can – This includes the name and contact number of the other individual as well as their insurance details. Any photographs or videos of the vehicles involved (including those that show the make, model, colour, and vehicle registration number) and your injuries may also be useful.
    2. Speak to your insurer – They’ll expect you to get in touch as soon as you can about what happened. Some may place a limit on the time you can successfully report the accident, from several days to a few weeks’ notice.
    3. Make a police report – This shows that you’re treating the case seriously. However, you absolutely must do this if the other driver was uninsured or fled the scene. It’s a criminal offence to not provide insurance information when an accident occurs.
    4. Get your own vehicle assessed – An engineer can carry out the initial inspection. Ask for their findings to be documented and sent to you. The full extent of the damage may not be visible to the naked eye, but may affect general road performance.

    Speak to a road traffic accident claims solicitor – Contact Optimal Solicitors. We’ll help source any other supporting evidence and begin to build your case. Don’t speak to the insurers or legal team of the other party – we’ll do that for you.

    The offender’s insurers and solicitors may try to downplay your injuries and the damage suffered. They may also try to intimidate you, or take something that you might say to them out of context. This could impact the success of your claim and the amount of compensation you receive. Optimal Solicitors can liaise with them on your behalf instead.

    In the vast majority of cases, court won’t be necessary. There are only two circumstances in which it could be: the other driver’s insurer refuses to pay what we suggest, or you share at least some of the responsibility for the accident. If so, we can represent you in the courtroom.

    If this happens, you can’t recover the costs from the driver’s insurer. However, there’s still a way forward:

    • We will help you claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), which was established precisely for these situations.
    • Claiming with the MIB retains your no-claims bonus and doesn’t raise your own insurance premiums.
    • It may take up to 18 months for settlement. Meanwhile, you could have to pay for property damage yourself if the driver can’t be traced. By working with the police and conducting our own investigations, Optimal Solicitors can reduce the risk of being awarded a lower compensation amount from a hit-and-run attack.

    Optimal Solicitors don’t earn a penny if you don’t get what you’re entitled to. It’s just one of the ways we keep car accident compensation claims accessible. Along with a free initial consultation, we make sure we provide a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective way to access specialist legal advice.

    On top of the cost of vehicle damage, here is a brief breakdown of potential injury payouts:


    Brain damage 

    • Less severe – £12,210 to £34,330
    • Moderate – £34,331 to £174,620
    • Moderately severe – £174,621 to £224,800
    • Very severe – £224,801 to £322,060


    Back injury 

    • Recovery within several months – Up to £1,950
    • Recovery within two years – £1,951 to £6,290
    • Recovery within 2-5 years – £6,291 to £9,970
    • Minor permanent symptoms – £9,971 to £22,130
    • Moderate permanent symptoms – £22,131 to £30,910
    • Severe permanent symptoms – £30,911 to £55,590
    • Very severe permanent symptoms – £59,120 to £70,490
    • Spinal cord injury – £72,620 to £128,320


    Neck injury 

    • Minor – Up to £6,290
    • Recovery within a year – £1,950 to £3,470
    • Recovery within 1-2 years – £3,471 to £6,290
    • Exacerbating other medical problems – £6,291 to £10,960
    • Spondylosis, chronic pain, or limited mobility – £10,961 to £19,920
    • Fractures, dislocations, or severe soft tissue damage to a restricted level – £19,921 to £30,690
    • Fractures, dislocations, or severe soft tissue damage with chronic effects – £36,240 to £44,630
    • Severe symptoms – £36,240 to £118,240
    • Severe with fractures or damage to discs – £52,390 to £104,370


    Shoulder injury 

    • Minor – Up to £6,290
    • Moderate – £6,291 to £10,180
    • Moderately severe – £10,181 to £15,300
    • Severe – £15,301 to £38,280


    Arm injury 

    • Loss of one arm below the elbow – £76,650 to £87,410
    • Loss of one arm above the elbow – £87,411 to £104,370
    • Loss of one arm at the shoulder – No less than £109,330
    • Loss of both arms – £191,950 to £239,140

    You might still be in line for compensation if you did something that made the injury more likely or worsened it. However, such cases often take longer to resolve. We’ll generally aim to get a true view of the incident and shared responsibility, unless you and the defendant can come to an agreement – such as on a 50/50 split liability basis.

    Why trust Optimal Solicitors with your road accident claims?

    As experts in personal injury law, we know what will guide your car accident claim and make sure it holds up under scrutiny. Just like the other road traffic accident cases  we’ve been involved with – including pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle  injuries – we’ll uncover the real extent of the damage you’ve suffered. But we go further too…

    • Our team pride ourselves on sensitivity and transparency. When the case develops, you’ll be the first to know. We never use dense legal or medical jargon to explain your situation either.
    • In just a few days, we can schedule a rehab plan for your mental or physical recovery. Our rehab contacts cover the length and breadth of the UK.
    • Speak to us whenever you want to. Optimal Solicitors work beyond traditional office hours, and you can chat by phone, email, or in person – whatever’s best.

    Wrongful death claims after pedestrian accidents

    If your loved one has been killed by a driver who is at fault, they’re liable for a fatal accident claim. This is a pedestrian car accident claim with a difference: someone has died, and the person responsible didn’t do everything in their power to prevent it.

    Compensation is often higher since the money is meant to pay for funeral costs and any dependants, as well as offer a sense of closure. You can claim for a wrongful death if you’re a family member, partner, or part of the deceased’s estate – for example, in a small business that they owned or co-owned.


    What does a wrongful death claim involve?

    Consider the following factors before making a claim:

    • The case will probably go to court. Optimal Solicitors can support and assist you throughout, but it may take longer to resolve than a typical pedestrian claim.
    • Current and future income (what the deceased was earning before the incident, and what they would have been earning afterwards) will play a major role in the amount you’re asking for.
    • You can also seek compensation for any service the deceased carried out when they were alive. For instance, they could have taken you to hospital visits, paid child support, performed DIY on your home extension, or looked after an old or sick relative. All of this has potential monetary value.

    The first step is speaking to Optimal Solicitors. Contact us about a potential wrongful death, and we’ll discuss what we can do to investigate your circumstances and legal rights.

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    We’re ready to act on your behalf. Discover our full capabilities and the reasons to choose us for your pedestrian accident compensation claim.

    Why choose Optimal Solicitors?

    Optimal Solicitors’ extensive legal knowledge should give you the confidence that we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. But that’s just the beginning. With UK-wide contacts in rehab, therapy, and translation services, we also care about your wellbeing and peace of mind. People rely on us because:

    • We minimise your costs – There’s absolutely no monetary risk in taking us on. We’ll explain what’s achievable and how we can help.
    • We aim for the quickest timescales – Robust evidence, documentation, and communication make sure you won’t have to wait longer than you need to.
    • We speak like people – Our solicitors speak plainly, efficiently, and keep legal advice accessible. That’s how every pedestrian accident compensation claim should be.

    Additionally, we can work via phone, email, or face to face – whatever’s suitable. Just call or message our team today, and we’ll put you in touch with a dedicated case handler.

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