A victim of an accident may seek compensation for injuries that occurred through no fault of their own. This includes both physical and psychological injuries.

A medical examination: What is it and what does it entail?

The medical examination will allow the expert to  prepare a report to document and report the full extent of your injuries which will in turn support the level of compensation being claimed. In practice, the medical examination involves a conversation with a doctor and any necessary examinations. However, remember that in cases of severe injuries, multiple visits to the different experts for medical examinations may be required.

During the visit, the doctor verifies the identity and place of residence of the injured person and addresses several issues regarding the accident and its consequences. Expect detailed questions, so remember carefully before the visit:

  • How the incident occurred
  • How the injuries were sustained
  • What medical actions were taken
  • Whether an ambulance was called
  • How you managed to get home, etc.

Questions to expect

During the medical examination, be prepared to answer questions about your well-being after the accident and the injuries you suffered. Expect questions about symptoms, the duration of pain, any improvement, etc. Respond to these questions as thoroughly as possible, mentioning all symptoms, even those that seem minor or unrelated to the accident.

Additional information

Expect questions about your private life, including hobbies, past illnesses, sports activities, and overall health condition. Inform the doctor about any tests undergone and any costs incurred for care and medical products – medications, rehabilitation, trips to the hospital, etc. Do not forget to mention lost profits due to the inability to work because of the accident.

What Happens During the Medical Examination?

The medical examination includes a detailed conversation and an examination, assessing the injured person’s health, especially the areas that suffered injuries. After the examination, the doctor gives a diagnosis and recommendations for further medical treatment.

The outcome of the visit is a medical report that can be supplemented with your full medical history. This report is crucial for calculating the amount of compensation.

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