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For justice and swift compensation following a bike-related injury, look no further. Optimal Solicitors can take your side and progress your claim, as well as provide next-level support to aid your recovery.


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    Cyclists are around 15 times more likely to die from a road collision than drivers. That doesn’t account for the less serious injuries you may suffer from a crash, or the mental trauma. Any injury can have a serious impact on your life, and to begin to seek reparations for it, you need a legal team that understands the true extent of cycle accident claims and their grounding in UK law.

    That’s Optimal Solicitors. We’re the accident claim experts, having acted on behalf of a number of clients for over a decade. We are dedicated to assisting your case quickly and thoroughly, handling it all – from initial evidence gathering to a full, documented case file and legal representation. 

    Our background in other serious injury claims, such as car, pedestrian, and motorcycle incidents, puts us in a good position to determine the level of compensation you may be entitled to. Discover the extent of our knowledge below, before getting started.

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    Every year, around 18,500 cyclists are mildly or seriously hurt on British roads. Want to pursue your own claim? It can be easier than you think.

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    Bicycle accident claims

    What are the common causes of cycling accidents? 

    Responsibility plays a major role in the compensation amount you’ll be awarded. So whether someone else was entirely or partly to blame, our solicitors will weigh up the following reasons for what happened:

    Reckless driving

    The offender may have been speeding, distracted, or intoxicated. We’ll examine CCTV and accident reports to find out how much they were at fault.

    Failing to check road safety

    This could involve pulling out of a junction too fast, ignoring wing or rear-view mirrors, misjudging distance, or opening a vehicle door at the wrong time. 

    Cycling on bad roads

    Environmental hazards like potholes and poor gritting can lead to severe injuries. You could be entitled to compensation from whoever was in charge of road maintenance.

    Adverse weather conditions

    Rain, sleet, snow, frost, or harsh sunlight may have played a role. As Optimal Solicitors investigate cycle injury claims, we always determine whether the weather exacerbated risk.

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    Bike accident claims – handled by professionals

    How long does a cycling injury claim take?

    As ever, it depends on the complexity surrounding your case. However, average cycle accident claims can take around five or six months. We may be able to arrange interim payments to help with medical bills and expenses in the meantime.

    Do I have to pay legal fees for cycle accident compensation?

    If you opt for a ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor, you’ll only have to pay legal fees if you’re successful. The fees will be a proportion of your claim amount. We’ll explain everything to do with costs and reimbursements when we start working together. Additionally, we may be able to claim the price of obtaining medical records, collecting evidence, and reviewing paperwork from the other party.

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      What can you claim for?

      During our extensive legal history, we’ve seen a range of physical and mental issues arise from bicycle accidents – each with their own rough compensation value. Here’s an overview of what you may be able to claim for: 

      • Serious, mild, or moderate injury to your shoulder, eyes, face, neck, head, back, legs, hands, wrists, chest, or feet
      • Brain damage or mobility issues that seriously impact your quality of life
      • Damage to the bike itself, as well as anything you may have been carrying at the time of the accident
      • Loss of earnings – in other words, the amount of paid work you would’ve completed if the injury had never occured

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