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Obtaining a child custody court order can be an extremely overwhelming experience. We’ll help to remove some of the complication and offer our complete support – all in a bid to minimise stress.


    Feel more at ease during the child arrangements process

    Going through a relationship breakdown is difficult enough without facing disagreements around a child’s upbringing. Navigating the difficult maze of litigation can make the whole process even tougher, causing more emotional turbulence and uncertainty for your child. That’s why it’s best to seek the help of a child arrangements solicitor.

    We’ll take the burden away – negotiating on your behalf and dealing with the necessary paperwork. We’ll always try to avoid going to court too, as this can be both financially and mentally draining. It’s for this reason that so many of our clients have managed to settle their situation outside of the courtroom.

    We understand that you simply want to get on with your life and do what’s right for your child. Optimal Solicitors will work in your interests and achieve the best outcome.

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    A delay in getting legal aid will only serve to cause you further stress. So start making the steps towards putting an end to the dispute. Begin the conversation today, and with our help, you can start to move on from this situation.

    Professional child arrangement solicitors you can trust

    Disputes around arrangement orders are incredibly tricky to navigate. We’ll help ease the process, drawing on our years of experience and expertise in this area of family law.

    The types of cases we’ve dealt with include child arrangement orders, international issues, and urgent or emergency court applications.

    • Child arrangement orders – These set out who a child lives and spends time with, as well as the amount of time spent with each parent. We’ll help resolve more particular matters too, like where a child goes to school (a ‘specific issue order’), or prevent a parent taking a disputed action (a ‘prohibited steps order’).
    • International issues – If a child is removed from the jurisdiction without consent, then it’s classed as child abduction and an offence. There can be a real clash of differences as to where to bring up a child, so we’ll make sure you can present the best case to the family court.
    • Urgent or emergency court applications – For situations where you need instant support, we can help you establish if emergency action is needed and guide you through it. While these cases are very rare, the court may have to grant either an urgent or emergency order after only hearing from one parent. If you’ve been served with one of these orders, we can also assist you.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    It’s not easy for anyone to sort out a dispute with their ex-partner, especially when children are involved. We’ll take the hassle away, representing you in discussions and working hard to resolve the situation. Your needs will be considered at every stage. This includes if you’d prefer to get legal advice in your native language, or want any supplementary support from our network of specialists (like rehabilitation experts and therapists).

    We’ll save you money

    Child arrangements can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. We aim to make the process as easy as possible by helping you understand your basic legal rights.

    We specialise in child arrangement orders

    Have faith that we’ll help you gain the best outcome – we’ve supported countless others. If you need assistance with any other areas of family law, you can turn to us for these too – from divorce to child custody.

    We personalise our approach

    We believe that legal advice should be convenient. If you’d like us to travel to you, we’re happy to. Or we can speak via the phone, video call, or email – whatever suits you. An interpreter can be provided as well.

    Do I need a solicitor for a child arrangement order?

    A child arrangements solicitor can provide you with both advice and advocacy. They can help put together any relevant legal documentation and file these to the court, as well as provide specialist advice and prepare evidence for any hearings.

    How do I apply for a child arrangement order?

    It’s a prerequisite to first go to a mediation before applying for a child arrangement order. Here, an alternate resolution is sought. If no agreement is reached at a mediation, then you can apply for a court order.

    It’s important to note that, in some situations, a mediation wouldn’t be appropriate (for example, domestic abuse cases). In instances like these, you may not need to attend.

    When does a child arrangement order expire?

    These last until the child has reached the age of 16. However, there are situations where they won’t expire until they’re aged 18. If you reunite with your ex-partner and no longer need the child arrangement order, then it’ll expire after you’ve been living together for six months.

    How long does a child arrangement order take?

    It can sometimes take 6-12 months to achieve a final child arrangement order, although they can vary. Generally, it will be about 6-8 weeks from you attending a preliminary court hearing. Plus, if the Cafcass need to produce a report, this usually takes an additional 12 weeks.

    Who are the Cafcass?

    The Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) work with the court to establish the best outcome for the child. When you apply to the court, this form is sent to Cafcass who then carry out safeguarding checks. This will be compiled into a letter prior to the first court hearing, where a CAFCASS officer will be present. They will only provide further assistance if necessary, such as if they need to be appointed as a guardian.

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