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As a limited company, you’ll gain so many more opportunities. But first, the business must be set up perfectly and made legal. That’s where we come in.


    Make sure your company is properly formed

    Several regulators and legislators need to be aware that you’re launching a company. Otherwise, it won’t be given the right legal status – meaning you’re likely to lose out on the benefits of running a business in the way you want to.

    We don’t just examine, review, and submit your request, but advise on several company structures you may want to use too. We bring over 12 years of experience in commercial law. Our knowledge of preparing commercial contracts and corporate transactions helps us focus on the details that really matter.

    With a close eye and rapid turnaround, Optimal Solicitors get your business off to the best start possible.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    Speed matters, but it can’t come at the cost of quality. We focus on who you are, plus what you and the business are hoping to achieve, to give the very best legal advice.

    There are pros and cons to each type of business. We’ll walk you through them. Then, we’ll draw all the correct paperwork together for Companies House, including the details of your company’s person with significant control (or PSC – the person who owns or controls the business) through a PSC register. It’s all ready in a couple of days, so you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running.

    We speak like people

    It’s an exciting time for you. So we’ll never drag you down in corporate terminology. Optimal believe the best results come from speaking plainly, and mapping out what you can look forward to.

    We’re transparent

    There are no hidden costs in our service – what you are quoted for is the price we charge. Our team are committed to staying accessible.

    We can stay at your side

    If you want us to, we can advise on employment law, investments, restructuring, or other legal support, becoming a partner you can depend on as your organisation grows.

    What does a corporate solicitor do when forming a company?

    As well as sorting out applications to Companies House, we also iron out shareholder agreements, director duties, and the terms and conditions of a limited liability partnership. Everyone must be on the same page before we make the company a legal entity.

    What is Companies House?

    This is the official place to set up a new business – at least, one that’s incorporated for tax and dividend purposes. It’s run by the government. You can also dissolve a company here, as well as find out information on other publically registered companies.

    Would I be better off as a sole trader?

    In some situations, it is preferable to work as a sole trader rather than a limited company, LLC, or official partnership. It depends on the scale of your business, and how much accounting work you’re willing to do or pay for. There are also legal ramifications. We can explain them to you, and help you find out what type of business is most suitable.

    What are ‘company officers’?

    They are basically the ‘directors’ of the company – the people who represent it and make the key decisions. A full list of their duties can be found in the Companies Act 2006. Once company officers are established, more can be added later under the terms of what are known as articles of association.

    Form a company fit for your goals

    This could be the start of something life-changing. Request an initial consultation with our team, and we’ll discuss the next steps for your business.

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