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Are you entitled to flight delay or cancellation compensation

Your delayed or cancelled flight has had a huge impact on your holiday or business plans. You could be entitled to compensation if:
Your flight was delayed
If your delay exceeded 3 hours (i.e. you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late)
Your flight was cancelled
Regardless of the reason for the cancellation (unless caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’ e.g. weather), you have an automatic right to reroute to your chosen destination on the next suitable flight at a time that suits you, or a full ticket refund
You were denied boarding
When caused by overbooking by airlines - whether voluntary or involuntary, you have rights

No win, no fee flight delay & flight cancellation compensation

You’ve worked hard all year for your holiday, so there’s nothing more annoying than your flight being delayed or cancelled. Delays can leave you stranded at home, at a stopover airport, or at your destination causing disruption to your plans and enjoyment.

If travelling for business it could mean missing out on that important meeting you’ve spent months setting up.

All airlines are legally subject to a compulsory compensation scheme (within EU Regulation 261/2004) for passengers who are denied boarding (including being denied the class of seat booked), or who had their flight cancelled or delayed.

This regulation applies to all flights between EU states, out of an EU state, into an EU state, or by an EU based airline (they also apply to some other non EU states).

Don’t miss out. Our team of experts is here to help you make sure you receive the flight delay or cancellation compensation you’re entitled to.
What can you get compensation for?
Don’t forget
  • The amount of compensation payable is a fixed tariff depending on the type, or length of your flight and is payable per passenger
  • According to The Limitation Act that applies in UK law, claims are normally limited to a 6 year time limit from the date of the event

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What can you get compensation for?

Airlines are legally obliged to pay compensation for delayed and cancelled flights (other than in ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as adverse weather), so it’s important you understand your rights.

We’ll help you get the Ryanair, WizzAir, EasyJet and other compensation you’re entitled to if:
Flight delays
if it was delayed by 3 hours. However, if your delay was 5 hours or more you have the right to abandon your journey and obtain a refund (this includes refunds for any connecting flights already used and a return flight to the point of origin)
Flight cancellations
unless caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’. You may also be due comfort benefits and, if you were rerouted to an alternative airport, the airline must pay for the cost of your onwards transport. Your right to financial compensation will depend on the amount of notice given and the length of delay
Denied boarding: voluntary
if your flight was overbooked and you voluntarily give up your seat you are automatically entitled to a refund, or a place on an alternative flight.
Denied boarding: involuntary
if you were involuntarily denied boarding due to overbooking, you have an automatic right to cash compensation, a refund of your ticket or rerouting, plus comfort benefits (e.g. refreshments, communication and hotel accommodation)
What can you get compensation for?

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The easy way to claim for flight delay compensation

Know your rights so you can receive the flight delay compensation you’re entitled to. We’ll guide you through the process, making it stress-free and straightforward.

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Flight delayed or cancelled? Claim compensation

Travel arrangements not go to plan? The last thing you need is to tackle all the complexities involved in claiming for flight delay compensation. From time limits, to determining who’s at fault, to the mandatory airline services, it’s far from easy to get what you deserve. 

However, it can be hassle-free – if you’re supported by a team with extensive expertise in this area. Optimal Solicitors are here to help you. We empower you to receive what you’re owed, even if it means taking your case to court.

If you’ve experienced a flight delay, cancellation, or been denied boarding, turn to us. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and options when it comes to flight compensation. You can trust that we’ll take your claim seriously and achieve the best possible outcome for your circumstances.


Delayed Flights

Arrived at your destination at least three hours later than you anticipated? We understand that being stuck at the airport for hours wasn’t on your agenda, and you may have even been poorly treated in the process. We’ll fight your corner so you can claim the compensation you deserve.

Cancelled Flights

Know exactly what you’re owed for a cancelled flight and the difficulties it caused. Unless the cancellation was a result of extraordinary circumstances, it’s your legal right to claim compensation. Optimal Solicitors will make sure that you get every penny you’re due.

Denied Boarding

Voluntary or involuntary, you can claim on a denied boarding that simply shouldn’t have happened. If you gave up your seat on an overbooked flight, we’ll help with the refund process. If it was involuntary, then we’ll make it our mission to claim your compensation, along with reimbursements for comfort benefits. 

Missed Connection

Missing your connection and having your journey drawn out because of a delay, cancellation, or boarding denial is far from ideal. The situation’s made worse given that multiple flights can complicate the compensation process. Rest assured that we’ll unpick the legalities to simplify the whole claims procedure.

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Whatever the reason your flight didn’t go as expected, we’re here to help you know your legal rights and action your claim. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for factors beyond your control, so we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re appropriately reimbursed. 

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Why Optimal Solicitors

We’ll minimise your costs
Most solicitors rely on expensive referrals – not us. We’re powered by word of mouth and pass these savings on to our clients, so you receive the maximum amount of your compensation claim. 
We make claims easier
Flight distance, length of delay, country of departure... So many variables dictate the amount of flight delay compensation you can get that most people give up trying to figure it out. We work quickly to understand your situation and simplify legal jargon.
We work around you
While your flight might not have gone to plan, we’ll make sure that claiming your compensation is as straightforward as can be. We work around you by extending our opening times beyond the 9-5 and being flexible in our methods of communication.


Flight delay compensation solicitors will act as your legal representative, helping you know your rights and going through the claims process for you. If the matter goes to court, they’ll act on your behalf and do what it takes to make sure you get your desired outcome.
Many do try to claim for their flight interruption themselves. However, when the disruption isn’t so clear-cut, the process is a lot tougher. And, if your claim is rejected or paused by the airline, then you’ll have a battle on your hands. Flight delay compensation will provide you with accurate legal advice so you can take the most effective course of action with your claim.

Food and drink, access to the phone and emails, even potentially accommodation and any related journeys – these are all services that the airline should give you, usually after a two-hour delay. This is a legal obligation in line with the EU regulation 261/2004. 

When comfort services will become your entitlement is dependent on a few factors: the length of the delay, the distance of your flight, and the countries you’re flying from and to. The table below illustrates this:

Flight distance Length of delay
Less than 1,500km 2 hours
More than 1,500km (and within the EU) 3 hours
1,500-3,500km (and between EU and non-EU countries) 3 hours
More than 3,500km (and between EU and non-EU countries) 4 hours


If you weren’t provided these services, but still had to pay for them, then you might be able to claim reimbursements from the airline. Hold on to any receipts connected to your interrupted flight. You should bear in mind that these need to be reasonable – if you’ve chosen the most expensive hotel, for example, it’s doubtful the airline will reimburse you.

Your entitlement begins when the flight arrives at its destination three hours or more later than anticipated. The longer the flight delay, and the further the distance, then the more you can expect to receive. You should also be aware that the reason for the flight interruption needs to be considered the airline’s fault for your claim to be valid.

If your flight was delayed by over five hours, then who’s at fault and the distance no longer matters. You also have the option to not board the flight – and you can claim either way. If your flight is cancelled or you were denied boarding due to an overbooked flight, you have the right to claim for this as well.

The flight delay needs to be related to something that the airline had control over for you to receive compensation. So, if it was down to a lack of bookings or a technical problem, this would be considered their fault. However, the likes of bad weather or a security risk would be counted as ‘extraordinary circumstances’, though this can be a bit of a grey area.
While there is the option to claim for flight disruptions as far back as 2005, laws in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will realistically only allow you to claim for those from the last six years. In Scotland, you can only backdate your compensation claim by five years.
We understand that high legal fees are the last thing you need, so we provide cost options that suit you. Our services are offered on a fixed basis, though we also offer an hourly rate for those requiring a more flexible approach. Book a free initial consultation to find out more.

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