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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 4

“Hello Powell” said Charles the trusty companion, Ghost of Christmas present. Powell looked around and realised he had been conveyed to Oakland House, the office that is central to his fiefdom. “Oh you’re busy” exclaimed Powell, as he looked at Annie sat on the floor surrounded by red boxes, presents and green filler.. “but where has Sally gone?” “She couldn’t help today as she has a sickly daughter with fevered brow and nauseous propensity…” said Annie.

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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 3

“I am Sally the Scouse……Ghost of Christmas Future….” Repeated the vision before Powell. Powell rubbed his sore head and slowly opened his eyes…. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 2

Powell blinked and blinked again as he saw this delightful apparition in his midst….Was this the woman of his dreams he wondered?