At Optimal Solicitors we understand that our diverse client base requires fast, pragmatic and solution driven advice at a competitive price to assist them with their legal matters. 

We appreciate this can be daunting for any client when considering the costs of instructing solicitors. Our key focus is in offering a professional quality service and client care experience for our clients.

This is why we believe in being fully transparent from the outset regarding our fees so our client can select the services that suit them – No win No fee, fixed fee or hourly rates apply depending upon the nature of the work you instruct us with.

We therefore have a range of pricing and funding arrangements available so you can always be clear what our professional fees are. This will depend on the type of legal case we manage for you, however your case handler will be able to advise you of your options and explain what is involved every step of the way.

Details of pricing for the various services are provided below or on the following links or pages. Please note this is essentially a guide as to what costs you might incur when instructing us, however we will be happy to explain this in better detail when you speak to one of our experts about your individual circumstances.  



Our conveyancing team can guide you through any aspect of your residential property transaction. We have a wealth of experience in managing the process for sale and purchase of properties and can offer further expertise in related areas that may stem from your conveyance transaction.

We will be there to assist you at every stage of the process and apply a personal touch for what can sometimes seem to be a complex and stressful matter for you. Our aim is to reassure you through regular updates that matters are in hand.



Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the sale of your home. This will usually include dealing with payments to the Estate Agent, transferring you the sale proceeds on completion and paying off any mortgage registered against the property.

Conveyancer’s fees

Our fees include all work to complete the sale of your home – with our fees fixed at the value of your property as follows (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


Sale Price






Our Fee:

With VAT










































Standard Additional Fees on most transactions

These are additional costs relating to your transaction and are payable to third parties. Legal firms often refer to these as disbursements.

We handle the payment of these additional fees on your behalf to ensure a smooth transaction and so there are no delays. The below fees are charged on most freehold sale transactions (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


HM Land Registry Fee

£  6.00

Bank Transfer Fee


Electronic Client Identification Fee

£  5.00

Anti-Fraud Check



Schedule of Additional costs relating to our Sale services

There can be however potentially additional charges should the transaction be subject to any unusual or complex matters that need to be dealt with as part of the conveyance.

The below are just some examples of our additional charges if one of the below is applicable. We will always keep you updated if any of these additional costs become applicable to your transaction (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


Arranging/Approving Indemnity Insurance Policy


Dealing with Unregistered Title


Removal of/or Compliance with Restrictions


Dealing with Leasehold (Extension/Approval) Properties


Properties with Shared Ownership


Preparing a Statutory Declaration


Preparing a Deed of Trust


Mortgage Discharge Fee


Dealing with Additional Title


The above is not an exhaustive list however we can advise you of any additional charges that may become part of your transaction once we are instructed.


How long will my Sale take?

A number of factors can affect this from the time your sale is agreed. The average process takes between 6-10 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, depending upon the parties in the chain and also depending upon the complexity of your conveyancing transaction. However, times can also be affected by if the property is shared ownership or leasehold, the timescale could be approximately 12-16 weeks.

Stages of the Sale process

The precise stages involved in the sale of the residential property will vary depending upon the circumstances of your transaction. Below is a list of the most likely key stages:

  • Taking your instructions including ID and AML checks as per our regulatory obligations
  • Obtaining the title documents from HM Land Registry
  • Obtain redemption figure from your mortgage lender to repay your mortgage
  • Reviewing title documents and other standard sale documentation we receive from you
  • Drafting and negotiating the contract and transfer
  • Deducing title to the purchaser’s solicitors and replying to usual enquiries raised by purchaser
  • Manage communications most importantly with you & your estate agent/purchaser’s solicitor
  • Obtaining signature of contract and transfer deed from you
  • Exchanging contracts to finalise completion
  • Completing your sale
  • Dealing with the transfer of funds between the relevant parties


Our experienced residential conveyancing team will always strive in delivering high quality work in all matters and regularly keep you updated.

In addition to this we will ensure that your transaction is dealt with by an appropriately qualified member of the team. Some daily tasks and administrative duties will be undertaken by experienced conveyancing assistants. The more complicated matters will always be dealt with by qualified solicitors, regardless of who is acting in your transaction, they will be supervised by our senior solicitor management team.

We have the expertise in all areas so you can be rest assured your matter is always in good hands. We have a proven track record in successful outcomes for our clients and you can find further information about members of the team on the departmental sections of our website.



Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the purchase of your new home and what factors may also affect the price that you pay. Our services will include dealing with registration at the Land Registry and dealing with the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty) if the property is in England, or Land Transaction Tax (Land Tax) if the property your purchasing is situated in Wales. 

Conveyancer’s fees

Our fixed fees are dependent on the property value as below (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


Purchase Price






Our Fee:

With VAT






































Standard Additional Fees on most transactions

These are additional costs relating to your transaction and are payable to third parties. We handle the payment of these additional fees on your behalf to ensure a smooth transaction and so there are no delays.

The below fees are charged on most freehold sale transactions (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


Bank Transfer Fee


Obtaining Land Registry Searches


Electronic Client Identification Fee (per name)

£  5.00

Anti-Fraud Check



Standard Purchase Property Searches 

The following searches are advised on all purchases. This is a prerequisite if your purchase is subject to a mortgage. Cash buyers can opt out but must sign a disclaimer in doing so. The searches conducted are as follows:

  • Local Authority Search (fee dependent on location)
  • Water Authority Search
  • Coal Search (applicable if property in the locality of a mining area)
  • Environmental Search


Please note that the fees for local searches can vary depending upon where the property is situated – fees range from £60-£165.00 and include VAT. A member of the team will clarify these costs upon your instruction and prior to conducting any searches – occasionally mortgage lenders may require additional searches and we will advise you if this transpires.     


Stamp Duty or Land Tax (on purchase)

In addition to the above purchase costs you may also need to pay stamp duty. You may be exempt from paying this fee depending on the value of the property or if you are a first time buyer.

You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’S website – please click here to go to the website. If the property is based in Wales you can calculate the fee via the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website by clicking here.

Your individual circumstances relating to the transaction may affect the amount of tax you have to pay. When we have all the necessary information from you we can advise and calculate the amount owed for stamp duty land tax. 


Schedule of Additional costs relating to our Purchase services

Depending upon the nature of the transaction there can be additional charges to complete the purchase. We will always keep you updated if any these below charges become applicable to completing your transaction (All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate):


If the property is Leasehold


Dealing with Help to Buy Equity Mortgage


Transactions involving Shared Ownership


New Build purchases


Dealing with your Mortgage Offer


Preparing a Deed of Trust


Preparation or approval of bespoke Undertaking


Arranging Indemnity Insurance Policy


Lease Extension Approval


The above list is not exclusive however should there be any other charges a member of the team will update you as soon as we are aware this may be necessary.


Additional charges relating to Leasehold properties

As detailed above there can be additional charges in relation to the purchase of a residential leasehold property.

There can often be the requirement where you may need to pay fees to the landlord depending on the requirements of the lease. These fees and costs are usually detailed in the individual lease relating to the property. Examples of some of these anticipated fees in relation to landlord/managed properties are as follows:


Notice of Transfer fee

This fee is payable on purchase

With the fee set out in the Lease

Fee range £50-£150.00

Notice of Charge fee

Applicable for a Mortgage

The fee is set out in the Lease

Fee range £50-£150.00

Deed of Covenant fee

This fee is payable on purchase

Management companies provide this fee

Fee range £100-£200.00

Share Certificate fee

This fee is payable on purchase

Management companies provide this fee

Fee range £50-£100.00

Certificate of Compliance fee

This fee is payable on purchase

Management companies provide this fee

Fee range £50-£200.00


This above list is not exhaustive and other disbursements may apply depending on the terms of the lease. A member of the team will update you on specific fees upon receipt and review of the lease.

Fees can obviously vary depending upon the composition of a property and can be a lot more than the above estimates. As above, we can advise you of an accurate figure, once we are in receipt of all your specific documents in relation to the transaction. There can also be different fees payable on some building structures and these can vary depending upon the management companies involved and the terms of the lease.

You should also be aware that ground rent and service charges are likely to apply during the ownership of your property. We will confirm the ground rent and the anticipated service charge as soon as possible once we have this information.   


How long will my purchase take?

Each transaction can have different timings and will depend on when your offer is accepted before you can make plans to move into your house.  For example, if you are a first-time buyer, purchasing a new build property with a mortgage in principle, it could up to 4-8 weeks to exchange, it could take longer depending on when the property build is complete.

There can often be other factors, such as, speed of searches, parties in the chain, finalising mortgage offers and also sometimes the complexity of the transaction. Our conveyancing team will always work to complete your transaction as quickly as possible. 


Stages of the Purchase process

These can vary depending on the stages involved in the purchase of a residential property. The below list is the most likely key stages: 

  • Taking instructions and providing initial advice
  • Assessing finances are in place to fund purchase and contacting lenders solicitors if required
  • Receive and advise on contract documents
  • Carry out property related searches
  • Obtain further planning documentation if required
  • Enquiries of seller’s solicitors during documentation reviews
  • Provide advice on the documents and information received
  • Review the conditions of your mortgage offer
  • Send Final contract to you for signature
  • Agree a completion date (date from which you legally own the property) 
  • Exchange contracts and notify you
  • Arrange all monies needed to be received from your lender (and you)
  • Complete the purchase
  • Deal with payment of Stamp Duty/Land Tax if applicable
  • Deal with the application for registration at HMLR of your title to the property



Our team has built a dynamic standing by acting for a range of diverse clients from all backgrounds in supporting them and representing them in a variety of employment disputes.

We appreciate how committed people are with their employment and we want to be there when employees feel their rights may be affected. Our team has a trusted and proven track record in the way we support our clients by providing fast, pragmatic and effective employment law advice.

Should you have any personal employment matters we can offer our expertise in the following key areas and support you every step of the way:

  • Unfair/Wrongful Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement (Compromise) Agreements
  • Discrimination
  • Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Paternity/Maternity Rights
  • Employment Rights


Employment Fees & Funding your case

We can advise you on the different methods of funding available to run your case and this will depend on the circumstances of your case.

For example, most unfair dismissal cases, for an individual client will be funded by way of a Damage Based Agreements (“DBA”) or sometimes by legal expenses insurance should your home insurance policy cover such costs.

We will always guide you through this when you first decide to instruct us and what our percentage of success fee is on any damages that are awarded to you. If this is unavailable, we may be able to advise and represent you under a privately paying funding arrangement.

We also offer a fixed fee arrangement to advise our clients via a one-hour consultation to advise on the aspects of an Employment matter and how we or you can progress the matter – this is a cost of £150 plus VAT. 


Additional Fees – Disbursements

These are costs related to your case that we pay on your behalf to third parties – in employment cases this is usually Counsel’s or Tribunal Advocates fees. We do not incur this cost without your permission as you are responsible for these costs.

We should point out that this happens rarely, but when it does, this will be discussed in advance with you. The fees can vary from £250.00 - £750.00 depending upon the complexity of your claim. 


How long will my case take?

The time that it takes from taking your initial instructions to the final resolution of your matter depends on at what stage your case can be resolved. If settlement is reached during pre-claim conciliation, your case is likely to take 1-4 weeks. For example, an Unfair Dismissal case, that progresses past the pre-claim stages can take 4-12 weeks to settle via the ACAS Early Conciliation process. If your claim does not settle and it proceeds to a Final Hearing this can take 6-12 months, this will always depend on the speed of how the Employment Tribunal handles your case. This is just an estimate and we will of course be able to give you a more accurate timescale once we have more information as the matter progresses.


Key stages of your case

The fees set out above cover all of the work required for the key stages of your claim: 

  • Taking your instructions, reviewing your papers and advising on the merits and likely compensation (this is reviewed constantly as your case evolves)
  • Entering into ACAS Early Conciliation to explore whether a settlement can be reached
  • Preparing your claim or response from your employer
  • Reviewing and advising on the claim or response from other party
  • Considering settlement and negotiating this throughout the process
  • Preparing or considering a schedule of loss
  • Preparing for and attending a Preliminary hearing
  • Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing these for Hearing bundles
  • Taking and drafting witness statements
  • Preparation of bundle of documents
  • Reviewing and advising on other party’s witness statements
  • Agreeing list of issues, chronology, case list and including any supplemental documents
  • Preparation and/or instructions for Tribunal hearing


Not all of these above stages will necessarily apply to your claim and your legal costs will be reduced if certain steps are no longer needed.

Another option is that you may wish to handle the case yourself and just seek our assistance to help you with certain parts of these above stages.



Your case will be managed by our supervising solicitor that heads up our Employment department. In addition to this we will ensure that your transaction is dealt with by an appropriately qualified member of the team. Some daily tasks and administrative duties will be undertaken by experienced department assistants, such as Paralegals, and may assist on your matter but they will be always be supervised at all times by qualified members of the team. 





We can assist our clients with driving motoring offences from our experience of handling various Summary Motoring Offences dealt with in the Magistrates Court such as:

  • Drink/Drug Driving
  • Driving Licence offences & bans – defending on Exceptional Hardship grounds 
  • Driving without due care and attention & Dangerous Driving
  • Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court


Our Fixed Fees

We have tailored our services for the requirements of our clients and their individual circumstances by fixing our fee at a competitive rate and so we can put enough work into pro-actively manage your case.


Guilty Plea

Our fixed fee is £750.00 plus VAT.

The cost of Counsel/a Barrister (£200-£300.00) representing you in Court is included in this Fee.


Not Guilty Plea

Our fixed fee is £1,000.00 plus VAT.

Counsel’s fee is not included in this arrangement and is charged separately as below.


There may also be additional disbursements to pay eg experts fees which vary on a case by case basis.

We will always advise of the potential of this at the outset of our instruction and once we have reviewed your papers. 


NB: Our Fixed Fee does not include the cost of the following:

  • Instruction of any expert witness
  • Taking statements from any witnesses
  • Advice and assistance in relation to a special reasons hearing
  • Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal


Additional Fees


Where Counsel’s fees are not included with the fixed fee these will be charged separately. These fees range from between £200-£400.00 plus VAT. We instruct Counsel to prepare any papers required for attending and representing you in Court.

For complex cases or cases in a remote location, this fee may increase for the amount of work involved and by the expertise of the Barrister to be instructed. We will always advise you of these before any additional cost is incurred.


Expert Reports

Will sometimes be required with pleas in mitigation or if we dispute the disclosed evidence. Experts fees can vary greatly by discipline. The average cost of a Toxicology expert needed to dispute a drink driving charge for example ranges between £300-£400.00 plus VAT.

As above we will always keep you updated on review of your case papers if an expert report is required and the cost of instruction relevant to the type of expert report being obtained.


How long will my case take?

This will depend on what stage the case is at following notification or charge and the matter being listed for a hearing in the Magistrates Court.

If your case is listed for Trial you can expect to be in Court for half a day with your instructed Barrister.

We will advise you further of the timings involved once we are in receipt of your case papers.


Key stages of your case

The following work will be included in our fixed fee and managing your case through to conclusion:

  • 2 Hours attendance/preparation of your case:
  • Considering evidence
  • Taking your instructions
  • Providing advice on likely sentence
  • Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court

The other standard key stages in managing your case are included as follows:

  • Discuss with your solicitor to provide instructions on what happened.
  • We will consider initial disclosure, and any other evidence and provide advice.
  • Arranging to take any witness statements if necessary (this will have an additional cost).
  • We will explain the court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing, and the sentencing options available to the court.
  • We will conduct any further preparatory work, obtain further instructions from you if necessary and answer any follow up queries you have.
  • We cannot provide a timescale of when your hearing will take place, as this depends on the court listing.
  • We will arrange attendance at court on the day. We anticipate being at court for half a day.
  • We will discuss the outcome with you. If advice is required on appeal, this will carry an additional cost.



Your case will be managed by one of the experienced solicitors within our team. In addition to this and from time to time, the team will be supported by our legal director, as well as paralegals and trainees who will be supervised at all times by your solicitor that is managing your case.





Our team of litigation solicitors provide a personalised service unique for each client. The team have a successful history in advising and specialising in debt recovery and dispute resolution – whether this is recovering your debt informally or pursuing the matter to Court.

We will advise you on the legal options available and the most cost-effective method to recover your outstanding debts as follows:

  • Letter Before Action including Late Payment of Commercial Debts when applicable
  • Contested Litigation debt recovery in Court
  • Fixed Fees
  • Dispute or alternative settlement arrangements
  • Enforcement action


We pride ourselves on offering pragmatic and commercially sensible debt solutions for any type of debt recovery action in recovering your money.


Our Fees

Depending on the debt we are instructed to recover, the team will advise you commercially on the most effective method of recovery to meet your needs.

We have the experience and know how to make this process as straightforward as possible in quickly recovering your money.  

We have therefore simplified our professional fee arrangements to reflect this when acting for you:  


No Win No Fee

Recovery of a debt above £5,000.00

No Win No Fee arrangement

Our Fees: 25% of the damages (i.e. the debt) recovered we will retain as our professional fees


Fixed Fee

Recovery of a debt below £5,000.00

Fixed Fee of £750 plus VAT of 20%



Our Fees include the following service

  • Taking your instructions & reviewing documentation relating to the debt
  • Undertaking appropriate searches
  • Corresponding with the debtor (Letter Before Action if required)
  • Follow up contact with the debtor by telephone and letter
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Entering into correspondence on defended disputes to attempt resolution
  • Issuing Legal proceedings to obtain a County Court Judgment against your debtor
  • If payment from the debtor is not obtained advice of next steps and likely costs


Additional Fees – Disbursements

The Court fee to issue debt recovery proceedings is based on the value of your claim. You will be responsible for these costs during our instruction which are recoverable from your debtor if successful:


Value of Claim

Court Fee

Up to £300.00


£300 - £500.00


£500 - £1,000.00


£1,000 - £1,500.00


£1,500 - £3,000.00


£3,000 - £5,000.00


£5,000 - £10,000.00


Above £10,000.00 (but less than £200,000)

5% of the value of the claim

Above £200,000.00


Additional Court fees may apply relating to Court listings fees if the case is contested and/or enforcements costs.


Additional Fees of Third Parties - Litigation costs

Depending upon how the debtor responds certain additional actions and costs may sometimes be required to conclude matters. The team will advise you of these costs at the outset of our instruction or as your case progresses should any of these costs become applicable:


Tracing Agent Fees

£120 plus VAT*

Enforcement Action (Bailiff/High Court Enforcement)

£120-£155.00 plus VAT*

Attendance at a Small Claims Hearing / 2 hour listed hearing


£200-£275.00 plus VAT*

Attendance for a hearing listed over 2 hours

£250-£350.00 plus VAT*

*These are the average costs to date of any third party we might instruct – Your solicitor will keep you updated of these costs before we formally instruct on your behalf.

Should Counsel (a barrister) be required for complex or high value claims over £10,000 your solicitor will advise of the average cost and benefit of instructing on a case by case basis.


Typical Timescales

Depending on the nature and value of the debt, from receipt of instructions and how the debtor engages, or if a Court action is required it can take between 8-12 weeks to recover any outstanding sums. Please note some matters will settle quickly in as little as 4-6 weeks.

If the matter is contested and proceeds to Court for a hearing, the current Court timings mean that it can take between 9-18 months for the Court to list a final hearing. If Enforcement action is subsequently required the team will advise you of the timings involved.



Your case will be managed by one of our experienced solicitors within our Civil/Commercial litigation team. In addition to this and from time to time, the team will be supported by our legal director, as well as litigation case handlers who will be supervised at all times by your solicitor that is managing your case.





Our experienced team specialise in all aspects of Wills and Probate services in an approachable way to give you peace of mind that your family’s future and assets are protected. We will always listen to your individual circumstances carefully and sensitively to understand your legal needs and so we help you in making the right choices for you and your loved ones.

Value for money is essential and central to our services in providing a prompt, professional and personal service to our clients. 

We specifically advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Making a Will
  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Assisting foreign Clients in managing such affairs


Our Fixed Fee – Making a Will

Making your first or new Will is straightforward and we want to give you peace of mind in putting yours or your family’s affairs in order for the future. Making a Will provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Choose who will look after your children
  • Provide any funeral wishes or arrangements
  • Make gifts of personal belongings/cash gifts to individuals or charities
  • Decide how your Estate is divided amongst your chosen beneficiaries
  • Consider Inheritance Tax planning
  • Consider Care fees

Our fees for this service in drafting a simple Will is £150 plus VAT.

Should you require a Complex Will a quote can be provided after discussing your requirements. 


Our Fees – Grant of Probate

We provide probate services at a fixed fee rate and can help you through this difficult process by obtaining the Grant of Probate on your behalf.

We offer a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT to obtain the Grant of Probate only. As part of our fixed fee we will:

  • Identify the legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries
  • Accurately identify the type of Probate application you will require
  • Obtain the relevant documents required to make the application
  • Complete the Probate Application and the relevant HMRC forms
  • Draft a legal oath for you to swear
  • Make the application to the Probate Court on your behalf
  • Obtain the Probate and securely send two copies to you

The same fees will apply to Estates where there is no valid Will and you instruct us to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration.


NB: Collection and distribution of Assets in the Estate:

Our hourly rate of £150.00 plus VAT will apply if we are instructed further to do this.


Additional Fees – Disbursements

You will need to pay some additional costs on top of your legal fixed fees in making the appropriate application. The standard fees for this are as follows:


Probate Application Fee (reduced fee as using a solicitor)

£155 plus £1.50 per copy

Bankruptcy only Land Charges Department searches

£2.00 per beneficiary

Trustee Act Notice in the London Gazette


Trustee Act Notice in local newspaper



How long will this take?

Obtaining the Grant of Probate normally takes 8-12 weeks from your initial instructions to us. This is an approximate timescale only as the determining factor is processing time by the Court which can on occasions be lengthy. 


 Our fees – Lasting Power of Attorney

Unfortunately, in life none of us can guarantee that we will remain physically and mentally capable to manage our affairs.

If you were suddenly incapacitated not even your spouse or civil partner can do this for you. However in these extremely difficult circumstances life can be made easier for family members by making a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”).

The LPA is a legal document which allows a person to appoint someone they trust to make decisions and look after your financial affairs on your behalf.

It is a difficult and expensive court process if there is no LPA, an application is required to court for permission to take over conduct of the finances.

Our typical fixed fee for this type of work:

  • £450 plus VAT to create a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”)
  • £600 plus VAT to create a foreign LPA – if you require further advice for this please contact our experienced Wills and Probate team today on 0161 250 7771.



Your case will be managed by one of our experienced solicitors within our team. In addition to this and from time to time, the team will be supported by our legal director, as well as paralegals and trainees who will be supervised at all times by your solicitor that is managing your case.