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Employees rely on you to keep them safe and protect their rights. We understand the relationship between you and your staff. We’ve honed our expertise in employment contracts, disputes, disciplinaries, and more, making your work culture fair and reducing legal risks.


    Take care of every employment concern

    On average, an employment tribunal claim costs UK businesses over £8,500 per case. There’s a lot to lose if your staff feel they have been mistreated, underpaid, or forced to work illegally. Aside from the financial damage, the business’ reputation is also at stake.

    Our solicitors will draw up comprehensive employment contracts for every new or existing hire. Their duties will be explained, their responsibilities laid out, and every term and condition of their employment clarified. It’s all there on the page for evidence, but if they do challenge you, we’ll prepare your strongest defence.

    We’re also on hand to discuss sick leave, raises, expense laws, holidays, and issues of harassment or discrimination in the workplace. We’re the complete legal service you’ve been waiting for, acting with discretion and sympathy to minimise business disruption.

    A straightforward solution for your business

    Tell us what circumstance you’re in and we’ll tailor our assistance around it. Whether you’re buying or selling a company, handling other contracts, or forming a business from scratch, there’s so much we can do to keep employees safe and informed. Get in touch now.

    We’ve helped thousands, like you, get the best outcome

    Why Optimal Solicitors?

    A great service for employers should be fast, thorough, and accessible at any time. But more than that, it should also remain aware of what employees might reasonably expect from you and your industry. By recognising their evolving concerns, we ease yours. It’s how we’ve been providing fair legal advice for over 14 years: with a human touch.

    We’re totally transparent

    There’s no point hiding details from you or any staff members; it’ll just make for more difficulties later. Optimal Solicitors avoid jargon and dense legal terms when explaining any documents, decisions, or processes. We’ll clarify any necessary terminology in writing too.

    We’re always convenient

    Prefer us to work around a busy schedule, beyond the usual 9 to 5? We can do that. Or perhaps you’re struggling to explain employment terms in a second language? We can arrange for a translator or interpreter as well.

    We keep pace with change

    Specific laws around employees – from dismissal and redundancy to entitlements, diversity, and privacy issues – never stay the same for long. We keep up to date with legislation, so you can focus on growing your business.

    Do employees have a legal right to a contract?

    Employees should receive a full employment contract within two months of starting work. This document is filled with details on duties, liabilities, hours of work, sick leave entitlements, your place of work, and any limitations on when they can break free of the contract.

    What is classed as an ‘unfair dismissal’?

    Unfair dismissal is when an employer either doesn’t provide an adequate reason for letting an employee go or doesn’t follow the formal dismissal or disciplinary process. Generally, a reason isn’t adequate if it’s based on something other than performance. For more information, please visit the GOV.UK website.

    What happens if someone makes an employment tribunal claim against me?

    The claim has to be made within three months after the worker was dismissed. If that happens, you must gather evidence and present it in court, finding support for your version of events. Evidence may include independent witness statements, business records, and performance analysis.

    In the unlikely event that we can’t reach a negotiated settlement, we’ll help you gather evidence – analysing employment contracts and compiling statements. We can join you at the tribunal, examining the evidence presented by the former employee and helping you reach the very best outcome.

    What is a ‘collective redundancy’?

    This is a situation in which you’re making 20 or more employees redundant within a 90-day period. In order to show that you’ve tried to make this as fair a dismissal as possible, you’ll have to:

    • Notify the Redundancy Payments Service
    • Consult with employees or their representatives
    • Provide information on the redundancies
    • Issue termination and redundancy notices

    We can handle the entire process on your behalf.

    Put your mind at ease and focus on the future

    Everything we do is designed to take away any stress and doubt from your mind. We’re used to providing a range of legal services for any workforce, big or small. Discover our employment law advice for employers today.

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