Napasc i pobicie

Criminal Injury Claim

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Can you get compensation?
If you’ve been the victim of an assault you could get compensation for:

Napasc i pobicie odszkodowanie fizyczne
Napasc i pobicie odszkodowanie psychiczne
Physical and psychological injuries
Including sexual assault, fatal injuries, etc.
Neglect, abuse or terrorist attack
Examples are all types of neglect and abuse including child abuse (current or historic), abuse against the elderly, and terrorism related injuries



Act now – don’t forget to
Act now – don’t forget to:
Report the assault to the police – this must be done promptly otherwise your compensation award may be significantly reduced or refused
Obtain medical treatment if required – this record of your injuries will be used as the basis for estimating the amount of compensation you’re due
Contact us – within 2 years of the date of the assault
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Make sure your claim is not refused


When making a criminal injury claim there are certain obligations you must fulfil. Failure to do so could lead in a reduced award or the refusal of your compensation claim. These include:




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Criminal injury claim compensation – no win, no fee

If you’ve been the victim of an assault, our specialist personal injury team is here to listen.

They will work tirelessly to help you claim the compensation you’re due from the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority).

Being the victim of a criminal assault is a traumatic event that has damaging physical and psychological effects. Compensation is available to anyone who has been the victim of a criminal assault, including rape, arson, poisoning, or kidnapping, that results in physical and/or psychological injury.

You could claim up to £250,000, but the award will depend on your medical history.

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