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We know that litigation and disputes can be confusing to navigate, not to mention stressful. Our team will help you understand your options and support you through the journey, so you have the best chance of moving forward.

Our legal support services include advice on things such as professional negligence and building dispute resolution. Whether you want to take legal action or just need a little guidance, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to achieve the best outcome for you.

Mis-Sold Goods

Mis-Sold Goods

Thanks to the Consumer Rights Act, the law protects individuals who have purchased faulty goods or goods that were not what was expected. So, have you purchased a faulty new car? Our legal experts understand how frustrating these disputes can be and will guide you throughout the entire process.

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Banking Disputes

Banking Disputes

We know how worrying and frustrating it can be if your bank has unexpectedly closed your account, discriminated against you, or acted unreasonably. Our team can work with you to recover any lost funds, determine the root cause of the problem, and reach a resolution.

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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Having difficulty with your tenants and need to serve an eviction notice? Or are you a tenant with substandard living conditions? Whether you’re chasing a deposit or facing eviction, we can support you. At Optimal Solicitors, we have helped several landlords and tenants to overcome these types of civil disputes.

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Professional Negligence Disputes

Professional Negligence Disputes

When professionals such as solicitors, surveyors, or accountants fail to provide the service they’re supposed to, and in some instances abandon their duty of care, the consequences can be far-reaching. Our team will help you to navigate the complexities of this civil dispute and deliver justice.

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Building Disputes

Building Disputes

Building disputes can be tricky to navigate. Did a contractor down tools before completion? Or take longer than expected? Are you a builder facing an allegation like this? We can help. Whether you’re the claimant or respondent, we’ll use specialist tactics to build a strategy that ultimately resolves your dispute.

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Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

It doesn’t matter if you’re claiming for car theft, fire, flood, or even a life policy, when insurers don’t fulfil their end of the contract after you’ve suffered financial loss, it’s incredibly upsetting. We’ll support and advise you to meet your needs and find a suitable resolution.

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Whatever your dispute, we’re here to help. Our dedicated litigation and dispute solicitors have the expertise and knowledge to put your interests first and take immediate action on your behalf. We can even support you with alternative dispute resolutions like mediation. Start a conversation with us today.

Why Optimal Solicitors?

We keep your costs down

We understand that the fundamental reason for your dispute is likely to have already caused a lot of stress and potentially a loss of money. That’s why we aim to keep our legal fees as low as possible while always prioritising the quality of the service you receive. We offer a number of funding options depending on the case, including fixed legal fees, ‘no win no fee’ agreements, and hourly rates.

We give you timely legal advice

We strive to make the complexities of your litigation or dispute case clear and simple. We know how important it is to act swiftly too. With an initial consultation, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on how to progress further.

We adapt to your requirements

It’s incredibly important to the Optimal team that we work in the way that’s best for you. We will always adapt to your situation, even offering flexible ways of communication to make sure our clients can contact us how they prefer – and discreetly if necessary.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is the name for legal proceedings between individuals or organisations that don’t involve criminal charges, such as property disputes, professional negligence disputes, and breaches of contract. A lot of this process involves gathering evidence to build your case, whether that’s as a claimant or respondent.

What is a civil litigation solicitor?

A civil litigation solicitor will act on your behalf as either a defendant or claimant in a civil case related to a non-criminal dispute. They will work to resolve the dispute between individuals and/or parties through negotiation and other legal tactics like civil court representation.

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to carry out their obligations outlined in a legally binding contractual agreement. The party that hasn’t breached the contract can seek damages through the civil court system, often with the support of an experienced law firm. These damages will depend on the specific terms within the contract.

How much does it cost?

We know legal proceedings of any kind are stressful enough without the added worry of your finances, particularly if you’ve lost money as a result of a dispute. Optimal Solicitors is committed to minimising our costs, offering fixed fees so you can prepare your finances and a flexible hourly basis option too. Learn more about our fees on our dedicated pricing page.

Move forward with Optimal Solicitors

Discuss your situation with us. Whether you’re the claimant or respondent, Optimal is ready to act on your behalf. We’ll outline civil law and your legal options, before helping you to determine the best next steps. Our team will also explain our processes and how we can support you if you choose our litigation and dispute services.

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