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Optimal Solicitors can provide you with all the business advice and legal services that you need. Whether it is drafting a business agreement, dealing with business premises, a partnership dispute, or you are owed money by customers, we can help you.
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There are multiple factors that affect the success of your business
one of them is making sure that it is well protected and adapted to the legal environment that surrounds it. Keeping up with changes and at the same time ensuring stable and efficient running of your company is not a simple task. Likewise, responding to legal threats can cause enormous stress and put massive strain on your business if you do not deal with them in a timely and effective fashion.

Choosing to employ legal support from an experienced, professional firm like Optimal Solicitors, will help you diminish that stress. We are able to provide advice and assistance in many aspects and most importantly, with a view to acting so as to best protect your business objectives and long-term ambitions, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of our minds at all times.

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Our main services include, but are not limited to:

  • Debt recovery
  • Supplier problems
  • Partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Employee problems
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Employment law, debt recovery, commerical litigation, contract & mediation solicitors that you can trust

We are specialist commercial litigation solicitors and can help you resolve business disputes-and we appreciate that sometimes, you may be keen to resolve a matter but also, maintain a business relationship with the other party.

We also have a team of employment law solicitors that give advice in regards to the correct disciplinary and grievance procedure, to termination of employment, redundancy and settling claims made against you by employees.

Our contract solicitors can assist you if you are involved in a contract dispute.

If you are looking for advice as to the drafting of contracts/agreements our specialist contract solicitors have plenty of experience in the field to help you get it right.

Our debt recovery solicitors can help you sort out payment disputes. We appreciate how important it is for a business to maintain cashflow and we work quickly and efficiently to achieve the best possible solution for you.

If you find yourself being sued, we can provide you with expert advice and deal with any such matter for you.

Our mediation solicitors provide a service for businesses and individuals who find themselves in a dispute but would rather avoid the long and costly process of a claim and court proceedings.

We can offer tailored solutions for payment of legal fees in a manner that suits your needs.
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When you are running a business, you need to know that the legal team you appoint are on your side and will fight hard on your behalf.
At Optimal Solicitors, we know that having the right support and advice is crucial for all business owners. Whether it is ensuring that you recover money owed to you, or you just need sound advice when a legal problem has cropped up.
If you have any legal issue you wish to discuss, then please feel free to call us in confidence and without any further obligation. We are more than happy to speak to prospective clients no matter how big or small the problem may be. Put simply, we are there for you.

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Commercial law solicitors that care about your business

Get to the bottom of any issues in your business, and make sure the paperwork is in place to protect you moving forward. Our solicitors advise on all aspects of commercial law, so you’ll always know the right course of action to take.

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Choose a commercial lawyer you can rely on

You’ve got enough to deal with in your business without getting caught up in the intricacies of legal matters. From making sure your contracts are watertight to taking the burden of payment disputes off your shoulders, partnering with a reputable commercial lawyer gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

As an independent, Manchester-based law firm, Optimal Solicitors provide the honest and impartial support you need to sleep easy. We’ll work entirely around your needs, providing advice to protect your business and minimise the strain of any threats. Whether you need ad hoc legal services or ongoing support, you can rely on us to deliver.

Our experienced team cover all aspects of commercial law, including corporate law. By choosing us, you can be sure you have the right expertise to lean on – no matter how big or small the issue at hand is.

The smallest licensing mistake can have a huge impact on your business. We’ll help you stay on the right side of the law and support you if you run into any trouble with health and safety, food safety, trading standards, and more. From applying for a licence to representation at a hearing, we’re here each step of the way. 
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Investing time into getting your contracts right can pay dividends in the long run, protecting your business and preventing disputes later on. Whether you need help drawing up an individual contract or laying the foundations with your terms and conditions, we’ll make sure you’re covered from every angle.
Payment Disputes
If there’s been a disagreement, we’ll first do our best to settle it using mediation or informal arrangements. Should this prove unsuccessful, we’ll help you take the case to court. Our team will do everything in their power to get you the best outcome, while minimising the disruption to your business.

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Whatever matter your business is dealing with, we’re able to support you. Our focus is making sure you get what you want, so we’ll help you to know exactly where you stand legally and take action where required to resolve urgent situations. Speak to our team today to begin the process.

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We’ll lower your costs
We’re not your average solicitors: we do what it takes to keep your costs down. Instead of depending on expensive referrals, our success is powered by word of mouth. This allows us to provide commercial law services at competitive prices.
We make commercial law accessible
You probably don’t have the time to grasp all the ins and outs of commercial law. Let us take care of the legal side, and we’ll communicate everything you need to know in terms that are relevant to your business.
We accommodate your needs
No two businesses are the same. We know this, which is why we champion flexibility. From our opening hours to our pricing, we’ve made it our mission to adapt to the needs of real organisations so that you can confidently face real challenges.


A commercial lawyer deals with all things associated with the running of the business. They draw up agreements and contracts, support with licensing, and help resolve payment disputes. Commercial law solicitors also act on your behalf in negotiations and discussions, helping you to achieve the best outcome.
Many believe commercial and corporate law to be interchangeable. While they’re not the same, they’re not completely separate either: corporate law is a part of commercial law. The latter covers transactions with third parties, whereas corporate law is specifically associated with the business’ life cycle. You’d turn to a commercial lawyer if a customer was refusing to pay you, for instance, and to a corporate lawyer for something like shareholder agreements.
Winning a dispute is never a guarantee, so putting together a clear, detailed account of what happened, along with any concrete proof, is critical. Your solicitor can advise on what evidence is needed to support your case, as well as counter any claims of the opposing party.
There’s nothing stopping you from representing yourself in legal cases. However, a commercial lawyer can be invaluable – both in reaching an agreement quickly and cost-effectively, and keeping you compliant with ever-changing legislation. Our solicitors are experts in their areas too, working tirelessly to support you in achieving the greatest possible outcome. By working with the same team for anything related to commercial law, you’ll benefit from better, faster support when it matters.
We believe any business should be able to access legal help at a cost-effective price, which is why we offer a free initial consultation to scope out your requirements. We have fixed fees on all our legal services, along with an hourly rate for those needing a more flexible approach. Our full pricing is available here [LINK].

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