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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 4

“Hello Powell” said Charles the trusty companion, Ghost of Christmas present. Powell looked around and realised he had been conveyed to Oakland House, the office that is central to his fiefdom. “Oh you’re busy” exclaimed Powell, as he looked at Annie sat on the floor surrounded by red boxes, presents and green filler.. “but where has Sally gone?” “She couldn’t help today as she has a sickly daughter with fevered brow and nauseous propensity…” said Annie.
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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 3

“I am Sally the Scouse……Ghost of Christmas Future….” Repeated the vision before Powell. Powell rubbed his sore head and slowly opened his eyes…. “What are you doing here?” he asked.
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An Optimal Christmas Carol Chapter 2

Powell blinked and blinked again as he saw this delightful apparition in his midst….Was this the woman of his dreams he wondered? 
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An Optimal Christmas Carol

Foreword Seasons greetings one and all. Welcome to “An Optimal Christmas Carol” our modern take on the classic Christmas story and starring many strangely familiar characters. An Optimal Christmas Carol
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How our Employment Team helped to secure over £10,000 in a tribunal award?

How our Employment Team helped to secure over £10,000 in a tribunal award for an employee who was unfairly dismissed during a TUPE.
Chris Germaine Thu, 05/23/2019 - 16:46

Seven-figure settlement for a victim of car crash

Seven – figure settlement for a young client, who suffered very serious injuries as a result of a road traffic accident.
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Work accident claim settled at £100,000 - Case study

Example of settled claim for a client regarding an accident at work in 2015 where bottles of water fell and struck our client. The claim was settled at £100,000
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Importance of mental health in relation to domestic violence during the pandemic

With the current Coronavirus lockdowns in place across the world, domestic abuse has increased drastically in all countries. Because of that mental health
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Chris Germaine - my personal account of Brexit

At 11.00pm tonight, the UK formally leaves the European Union (EU). It's been a long time coming with 52% of the UK voting to leave in a referendum held in 2016
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Coronavirus - advice for employers

Taking into account the current Government advice and advice from ACAS we have put together guidance for