Transfer Of Equity

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Transfer Of Equity

Easily transfer property equity with us

We make changing a property’s legal ownership as simple as possible. Turn to Optimal Solicitors for your legal representation, and we’ll work on your behalf – liaising with external parties, witnessing document signings, and transferring funds if necessary.

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We make changing property ownership effortless

Changing the legal ownership of a property might sound simple enough, but you need a specialist solicitor if you want the transition to be seamless. A small error can have big consequences, but with Optimal Solicitors by your side, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.
When it comes to transfers of equity, we’ve truly seen it all before. So whether you want to share ownership with your partner or give your children financial security by granting a stake in your property, you can rest assured that we’ll carry out all the legal work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Transfer Of Equity

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Why Optimal Solicitors
A transfer of equity can be more complicated than you’d think. A straightforward process depends heavily on whether there’s a mortgage in place, and if the mortgage lender consents to the change in ownership.

We know that you want the whole situation sorted quickly. That’s why we always take the lead on chasing the necessary people and making sure you know exactly what’s going on.
We’re transparent about pricing
A transfer of equity can involve unexpected costs. We’ll tell you all about them from the start, including exactly how much we’ll charge for our services. You can get an immediate quote through our online calculator [LINK: Conveyancing Calculator].
We’re accredited conveyancers
We’re experienced with a range of transfers of equity, so you can have full faith that we’ll be familiar with your specific situation. On top of this, we have numerous conveyancing accreditations to our name, including The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme.
We put convenience first
We think the process of transferring equity should work to our client’s needs. Every part of our service is tailored, including how we speak to you. We can even provide an interpreter or translator if required.

We’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, get the best outcome



How else can we help you and your family?

Protecting what matters to you, we put you in complete control. No matter what is around the corner.


Our probate solicitors understand how stressful this process can be. Removing the burden, we help you through this difficult time. Supporting you with our professionalism, knowledge and experience.

Wills and probate solicitors that care

Determining the future of an estate can be a challenging and emotional time. Whether you’re writing a will or dealing with the aftermath of a loved one passing, our probate solicitors take a sensitive approach that makes sure everyone is cared for.
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Will Writing

It’s vital to know your affairs are in order. Otherwise, deciding who gets what – including any trusts or charities – is open for debate. We’ll determine what the estate is worth, help draw up the will, and name an executor. Such an important document deserves your complete peace of mind.

Contesting A Will

There’s enough to cope with when a loved one passes without worrying about getting the inheritance you deserve. If you believe you’ve been wrongly left out of their final wishes, and choose to contest the will, we’ll help you understand your rights and fight your corner every step of the way. 

Lasting Power of Attorney

You never know if you might lack mental capacity in the future. Having a professionally drafted Lasting Power of Attorney lets you appoint a trusted friend or family member to make crucial decisions for you when you are no longer able to.

Looking for wills and probate services?

When a life comes to an end, you want closure and security. But whether you’re drawing up a will or settling the estate as an executor, there’s a lot to think about. Money, assets, final wishes… Our probate solicitors are here to make sure you never feel overwhelmed, getting everything in order for a result that’s not only fair, but legal.


Optimal Solicitors have wide-ranging experience in wills and probate law. This allows us to quickly define and resolve anything coming between you and a smooth inheritance. We can also resolve disputes between beneficiaries if needed. 

From writing the will to applying for a grant of probate and estate administration, we’ll make sure everyone gets what they’re due and no one is left with any questions. By tackling wills and probates sensitively, we get the best outcome for everyone involved.


Without a grant of probate, you won’t have the authority to administer the estate. We make sure it’s handed to the Probate Registry in good time, so you aren’t hit with fines or more inheritance tax than you were expecting. If no one’s in place to manage the inheritance, we’ll help you through the next steps. 


You can carry out a transfer of equity yourself, but it’s not recommended. You may have to complete various legal duties and formal work, such as searches. If these aren’t done properly, major issues can occur. When you appoint a trusted solicitor, you can be sure that they’ll do everything by the book.
First, we’ll need an official copy of the title for your property so that we can establish if there are mortgages on it, or any other possible restrictions. From here, we’ll review the title or property deeds, check the identity of the clients, and put together the transfer deeds.

If there are no mortgages, the existing and new owners sign the transfer deed with a witness present. We’ll register the transfer deed at the Land Registry. If the transaction is over £40,000, then a Stamp Duty Land Tax certificate will be necessary.

But if there is a mortgage on the property, we’ll get in touch with the mortgage lender to get their written consent of the transfer. It may be that they wish to change the terms before agreeing. If they don’t consent, you’ll need to repay the mortgage to move forward with the transfer. An alternative would be to remortgage with a different lender who does agree to the transfer of equity.
There are quite a few costs involved in a transfer of equity, including the Land Registry fee, Stamp Duty Land Tax (if applicable), and potentially search fees if a new mortgage is taken out. Plus, there will be our fixed legal fees – you can see our full pricing here [LINK]?????????.
If there are no complications, then a transfer will take approximately 4-6 weeks. The process will likely be longer if you have a mortgage.

Instruct us for your transfer of equity

We do what it takes to make a transfer of equity easy. Discuss your needs with our solicitors during a free initial consultation, and we’ll tell you all about how we can help.


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