A lot can depend on a fast, seamless property sale or purchase. Our conveyancing solicitors get everything in order and solve any legal issues along the way.
Transfer Of Equity

Buy, sell, or remortgage with our conveyancing solicitors

We get everything ready for a home to change hands or for a new mortgage deal to be struck. Our property solicitors cover all the small details while drawing on our legal skills for the best outcome.

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A conveyancing service that keeps you informed

From the first piece of paperwork to the final completion, Optimal Solicitors help you make smooth progress on your sale, purchase, or remortgage. We do all the hard work while keeping you in the loop at every stage, to minimise stress and make sure there are no surprises.
Transfer Of Equity
Time is of the essence when buying or selling a property. Our conveyancing solicitors get everything finalised as quickly as possible, while making sure we’ve left no stone unturned. We’re regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), so you can be sure we meet strict conveyancing practices.

What’s more, we’re equipped to deal with any other obstacles in your path – such as family matters and option agreements. We know that you either want to move in or move on, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you do just that.

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Tell us what you’re looking at or hoping to do with your current property. We’ll provide a free conveyancing quote to help you understand the next steps, so you don’t waste a second with your sale, purchase, or remortgaging plans.

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Selling A House
Once someone’s made you an offer on your property, our conveyancing solicitors will get started on the due diligence and contract negotiations. We’ll work closely with you and the buyer’s solicitors to keep the sale on track, so that you can aim for a realistic completion date.
Buying A House
Whether you’re a first-time buyer or moving up the chain, we take the hassle out of residential conveyancing. From liaising with the lender and your seller’s solicitors to requesting the relevant surveys, we’ll do everything we can to complete as quickly as possible.
Need to remortgage your property? We also provide a conveyancing service for anyone looking to switch lender or review new terms with their existing one. Our solicitors will take care of the whole process, liaising with the mortgage provider on your behalf to ease the burden of remortgaging.

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Why Optimal Solicitors

We’re just a phone call away...
Whether you’re thinking about a sale, purchase, or remortgage – or want to pursue it immediately – we’ll take care of the due diligence and guide you through the next steps. Talk to our conveyancing solicitors to get the ball rolling. We’ll lay out how we can help, and provide genuine timescales should you decide to work with us.
We’ll save you money
Home transactions already see a large amount of money change hands. In our view, other fees should be kept to a minimum, so you can focus on the property itself. Because we’re powered by word of mouth, we’re able to offer a quality, affordable conveyancing service.
We make property law accessible
Language around land ownership, tax, and disbursements can be tough to get a grip on. We know this. That’s why we explain conveyancing in straightforward terms, so that you know exactly where you stand and what your options are.
We adapt to your requirements
A little flexibility goes a long way. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’ve designed our opening hours, pricing, and channels of communication with one thing in mind: to help speed your property transaction along.


Conveyancing solicitors are able to guide and liaise with other services that must be brought into a transaction or remortgage. They can solve any disagreements and check that the law is on your side. They’re also insured for oversights – even though this very rarely happens, it’s an extra measure of protection. Carrying out conveyancing yourself puts you at risk of avoidable mistakes, and can eat into your time with talks and paperwork.
As a law firm, Optimal Solicitors specialise in property – but it’s just one of several areas that we operate in. Our experts have a grounding in family law, commercial law, and more – so, if any other matters need to be resolved as part of the conveyancing process, we have you covered.
Optimal Solicitors make conveyancing accessible to everyone through very affordable legal fees. We’re honest about it too and we confirm our conveyancing quotes as part of our initial consultation.
Essentially, a disbursement is paid to anyone who searches or surveys the property ahead of a sale or remortgage. They include local searches, HM Land Registry fees, financial checks, and Stamp Duty assessments. We don’t take disbursements ourselves – they’re separate payments. But we’re able to manage them and send them to the right professionals on time.
Get timely advice from our conveyancing team
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