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Will Solicitors

A will is a legal document which says what you want to happen with your assets and property after you pass away. Making a will can help you prevent additional distress during already traumatic circumstances for your family and close ones.

It isn’t nice to think about yourself not being around, but it is important to do so to secure a safer future for your loved ones. By making a will, you can be confident that whatever your wishes, they should be fulfilled and that the people that you most care about benefit from your belongings.

We are will solicitors that are experts in drafting wills, our team knows full well how sensitive of a matter it is to you, and how important it is to get it exactly right. Choosing Optimal Solicitors will provide you with the comfort of confidence and certainty.

Probate Solicitors

Probate is the legal process that must be followed to put a will into effect after a person’s death. It is a process during which the court approves of and accepts that the presented will is a valid public document and that it is the last testament of the deceased.

Dealing with a death can be a very difficult time. People can find themselves having to sort out a person’s finances, funeral, dealing with family members, etc. Adding the stress of having to prove the legality of the will on your own is not necessary.

Our probate solicitors understand how difficult and straining it can be to you. Therefore we will gladly help you go through this process, supporting you with our professionalism, knowledge and experience.
Uwierzytelnianie testamentu
  • We can prepare a will for you whatever your age.
  • We are experts in drafting wills.
  • Dying without a valid will is described as intestacy. That means that your property will be shared between your family in according to the law.
  • We can advise and assist people appointed under the terms of a will and family members of a person who dies without a will.
  • We can assist with powers of attorney.
  • We offer fixed fees for many of our services.


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Powers of attorney
Sometimes, you may need somebody to act on your behalf. A trusted friend or family member that you choose, can make decisions for you if you lack mental capacity in the future.

The person you appoint can make decisions relating to finances, such as buying or selling property, bills, investments, etc.

Having a power of attorney in lace will give you the peace of mind that your affairs will be dealt with by somebody you know you can rely on.
Ustalanie pełnomocnictwa


Please contact us today to see how we can help you.
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