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Matthew Moss Wed, 07/21/2021 - 08:53

Grievances – frequently asked questions

Grievances at work can usually be resolved informally with the help of HR or senior management teams. However, if you have a particular issue at work, it is always better to voice your concerns formally. This is known as an ‘internal grievance procedure’.

OptimalSolicitors Tue, 07/20/2021 - 07:35

First time home seller guide: how to sell your house

So, you’ve decided to sell your house for the first time. At Optimal Solicitors, we understand that selling a house may seem daunting and stressful. Our aim is to reduce this stress and make your conveyancing process run as smoothly as possible. In this first time home seller guide, you’ll find out more about the conveyancing process of selling a property.


OptimalSolicitors Mon, 07/19/2021 - 12:48

How could you benefit from child law advice?

When it comes to issues with family or children, knowledge of child law is absolutely essential.